Einstein/Montefiore Department of Medicine

The Clinical Beginning

House staff, faculty, and fellows in June 1956. (full group image)

The early years were particularly exciting, with talented, vibrant, and mainly young faculty (group photo) at the new College, and a modern new hospital (Jaffé, 1996; Fulop, 1997).

For more than a decade, the Department’s clinical activities were based at BMHC, which served as the College’s university hospital. In the early years, several members of the Montefiore attending staff, notably Harold Rifkin and Abraham Jezer, joined the College’s voluntary faculty and made teaching rounds at BMHC (Fulop, 1997). An institutional relationship with Montefiore was formalized in 1963, and strengthened in 1968, at which time the College and Montefiore Hospital agreed to have coequal academic Departments of Medicine and later in other clinical disciplines.

The College planned to develop another hospital where its faculty could engage in private practice. To that end, the Hospital of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (the “College Hospital,” later designated the Jack D. Weiler Hospital of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine), opened in 1966 and, over the next several years, became an important additional site for student and resident teaching.

However, in the late 1960s, this hospital experienced financial difficulties, which led Einstein to contract with Montefiore Medical Center to run the Weiler Hospital. Although the Weiler Hospital is still owned by the College, Weiler Hospital functionally became an integral part of Montefiore Medical Center, reflecting the closer relation between the College and Montefiore.


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