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Fellowships were established in the traditional medical subspecialties early, and several division heads obtained National Institutes of Health (NIH), Training Grant support to establish programs to train bench investigators. Among the most successful were those in Gastroenterology, Hematology, Infectious Diseases, and Nephrology.

The fellowship program in Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases, originally under the directorship of Irwin Arias (who had been one of the early fellows in Dr. London’s laboratory), assisted by Irmin Sternlieb (a former Jacobi resident and then fellow in I. Herbert Scheinberg’s laboratory), attracted outstanding research fellows, some of whom went on to distinguished research careers and positions of leadership. After Dr. Arias moved to Tufts University in 1984 to chair their Department of Physiology, Allan Wolkoff became the director of the research component of the Gastrointestinal-Liver Diseases Fellowship (Allan Wolkoff is himself a graduate of Einstein and of the Jacobi residency program).

The program in Hematology, directed first by Helen Ranney (who later became the first woman Chair of Medicine in this country, at University of California at San Diego), then by Ernst Jaffé, and in recent years by Ronald Nagel, also trained a succession of productive fellows, many of whom were taught clinical and morphologic hematology by Christine Lawrence at Jacobi.

The tradition of research-intensive fellowships was continued by the training program in Infectious Diseases, directed first by Bernard Fields (who later moved to Harvard University), then by Neal Steigbigel at Montefiore, and now by Arturo Casadevall.

The program in Nephrology was directed first by Neal Bricker, followed by Quentin Deming, Richard Hays, Detlef Schlondorff, and Victor Schuster.

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