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The Department of Medicine at Einstein has also had a major investment in the teaching and training of residents in Internal Medicine. Until the Weiler Hospital opened in 1966, all of the Department’s Internal Medicine residency training took place on the general Medical Service at Jacobi Hospital and on the Chest and Metabolic Research Services in Van Etten Hospital. Medical students came from the top schools around the nation to be residents in the Einstein-Jacobi Medicine program and be trained at the new hospital and medical school with its exciting and enthusiastic young faculty.

During the 1980s and 1990s, under the aegis of the College, the Department continued to be responsible for Einstein’s Internal Medicine program at Jacobi-Weiler and then also for the separate program at Montefiore and North Central Bronx (NCB), Hospitals. In 1998, with the ending of Montefiore’s affiliations with NCB and Jacobi Hospitals, these two Medicine residency programs were reorganized again. The East Campus (Jacobi-Weiler) program is now the responsibility of the Department’s faculty at Jacobi, and the Einstein chairman is responsible only for the Montefiore-based program. However, Medicine residents from the Montefiore program now rotate to Jacobi and Weiler, instead of to NCB Hospital.

In the 1960s and 1970s, under the direction of Milford Fulop and David Hamerman (until he moved to Montefiore in 1968), and in the 1970s and 1980s ably assisted by Harold Adel and then Saul Moroff, the residency at Jacobi became one of the most highly regarded Internal Medicine training programs in the country. Many Jacobi residents went on to successful careers in teaching, practice, research, and medical administration, and many became directors of services and divisions at teaching and community hospitals (see list).

Organization of the Residencies 

In the 1980s discussions began within the Department and between Einstein and Montefiore Medical Center (MMC) about the advisability of joining the separate Jacobi and MMC internal medicine residencies into one. Because of the very large number of trainees involved (about 90 in the Jacobi program and 150 in the MMC program), and since each program had both a municipal hospital and voluntary hospital experience, it was decided that the programs should remain separate.

However, in the 1990s these programs were categorized by the Residency Review Committee as a single program under Einstein’s department of medicine, but consisting of two separate tracks. In reality, the MMC component was so large, the department leadership, spearheaded by Joan Casey and Gerald Paccione, decided to reorganize it into a system made up of three “firms.” This firm system has continued until today. When interns enter they are assigned to one of the three firms and remain with that unit for all three years, under the same firm chief and assistant firm chief. Each firm has its own clinic site and clinic faculty.

At first, the clinics were at North Central Bronx (NCB) and in Montefiore. Now two firms have clinics on the West Campus and the third is at Montefiore’s Comprehensive Family Care Clinic on the East Campus. The Jacobi residency continued much as before, with its clinics at the Van Etten Hospital. With the separation of the Jacobi and NCB in 1998 (infra vida) the original Einstein residency no longer reported to the University Department of Medicine, but became an independent program, still affiliated with Einstein. Residents from both campuses have achieved tremendous success as their careers progressed. 

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