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Patient Satisfaction

Patient Surveys 


John Loehner, MD 


As part of an ongoing commitment to providing the best patient care possible, Montefiore Medical Center continually mails benchmarked patient satisfaction surveys to patients and families to measure and gather feedback on both inpatient and ambulatory care services provided by the Department of Medicine.


The initiative has resulted in large increases in patient satisfaction scores in the inpatient and outpatient settings.

Montefiore administrators and other quality improvement leaders use the survey data to formulate strategies for better health care service delivery through new initiatives or adjustments to current practices.

These initiatives include:

  • Posting survey results and comments in resident and physician assistant conference rooms and holding monthly orientations to increase residents and PAs' awareness of the patient experience
  • Required support staff training courses on dealing with difficult situations and professional comportment
  • Required clerical support staff training in front desk operations (forthcoming)
  • One-on-one coaching/mentoring for all practice-based support staff


Montefiore First in NY State To Implement Advanced Patient Feedback System 

Physician-Patient Communication 


Jeffrey Weiss, MD 


The physician-patient relationship is a key component of effective healthcare. When physicians effectively connect with patients and families to get critical information, appropriate diagnosis and treatment can be instituted sooner which can lead to improved clinical outcomes. The Einstein-Montefiore Department of Medicine’s quality improvement initiatives focus intensively on facilitating effective communication to increase patients' comfort and reduce anxiety during their hospital stay and outpatient visits.

Department of Medicine service teams are encouraged to discuss clinical issues with patients during each morning's rounds. These include treatment goals, upcoming procedures and test results, new medications and possible side effects, the estimated length of their hospital stay, and pain management goals.

A physician scripting curriculum has been implemented to maximize doctor-patient communication. Communication guidance helps doctors understand how to listen actively; speak in lay terms; and convey respect, empathy, and confidence in stressful situations. By habitualizing practices of knocking before entering patients' rooms, pulling the curtain closed, and sitting at the bedside, physicians have increased patients' perception of receiving thoughtful, personalized care and attention.

Scripting has also established consistency in how physicians across Montefiore's extensive network communicate with their patients.

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