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Kitsis to Lead New Center for CV Research

Richard Kitsis to Lead New Center for Cardiovascular Research

Image: Richard Kitsis (Cardiology), founding director of the Einstein-Montefiore Center for Cardiovascular Research.

Richard Kitsis, Chief of the Einstein-Montefiore Division of Cardiology and Dr. Gerald and Myra Dorros Professor of Cardiovascular Disease, will become the founding director of the new Einstein-Montefiore Center for Cardiovascular Research. The Center will be a world-class cardiovascular research facility spanning all Einstein and Montefiore academic and clinical departments. The medical school, medical center, and Department of Medicine have committed significant resources to this endeavor.

The Center for Cardiovascular Research's goal is to create a highly collaborative, integrated enterprise encompassing basic, translational, clinical, and population research in cardiovascular disease affecting individuals from pre-natal life to death. This research may include:

  • structural biology
  • biophysics
  • biochemistry
  • molecular and cellular biology
  • genetics, genomics, and epigenetics in model organisms and humans
  • proteomics
  • embryonic/fetal development and stem cells
  • myocardial, vascular, and conduction system biology
  • pathology
  • pharmacology
  • microbiology
  • immunology
  • physiology
  • systems and computational biology
  • multi-modality and molecular imaging
  • nanotechnology
  • clinical study design
  • outcomes research
  • statistics
  • epidemiology
  • biomarkers
  • bioethics

Anticipated faculty will include members of all eleven basic science departments; the Departments of Medicine, Pediatrics, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Surgery, Neurology, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Women's Health, Anesthesiology, Family and Social Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Epidemiology & Population Health, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, and others; and the Cancer Center, Diabetes Treatment and Research Center, Aging Center, and Institute for Clinical and Translational Research.

In order to devote the necessary time and effort to this major new research initiative, Dr. Kitsis will step down as Chief of the Division of Cardiology effective December 31, 2008. A search process is underway for a successor, with plans for a new chief to be in place by year's end.

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