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Biostatistics Consultation Support Policies

Investigators are highly encouraged to contact a statistician early in the research process during the study design phase to ensure that studies are adequately powered and hypotheses, endpoints, and analytic strategies are appropriately defined. Even the most sophisticated statistical techniques cannot fully address problems arising from a poorly designed study.

Time Frames

Grant applications: Given that statisticians work on multiple projects at the same time, PIs should contact the statistician for help on a grant proposal at least 4 weeks prior to the grant deadline to ensure the availability of statistical support.

Data analyses for manuscript preparation: please contact the statistician at least 60 days before any deadline, depending on the scope and complexity of the analyses.

Grant Funding

The collaborating statistician should be included in the budget for an appropriate %FTE level that is jointly agreed upon by the PI and the statistician. If it is not feasible to incorporate salary support for the biostatistician due to limitations posed by the grant mechanism, it is recommended that the faculty member outline the statistical needs for the project and share this request for additional funds for biostatistical support with their division chief and Dr. Keller.


Authorship on papers and abstract should be based on the statistician’s scientific contributions to the work, regardless of funding considerations.

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