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Dr. Maria Coco, M.D.

Maria Coco, M.D.

Professor, Department of Medicine (Nephrology)

Selected Publications

  1. Suji Lee, Maria Coco, Stuart Greenstein, Richard Schechner, Vivian Tellis, Daniel Glicklich. The effect of rapamycin on sex hormone levels of male renal transplant recipients. Clin Transplant 19(2): 162-7, 2005
  2. Amanda Raff, Tiffany Hebert, James Pullman, Maria Coco. Crescentic oststreptococcal glomerulonephritis with nephrotic syndrome in the adult: is aggressive therapy warranted? Clin Nephrol 63 (5): 375-80, 2005
  3. Shapiro C, Coco M. Gastric calciphylaxis in a patient with a functioning renal allograft. Clin Nephrol. Feb;67(2):119-25. 2007
  4. Bamgbola OF, Kaskel FJ, Coco M. Analyses of age, gender and other risk factors of erythropoietin resistance in pediatric and adult dialysis cohorts. Pedatr Nephrol Mar 24(3) 571-9 . 2009
  5. Coco M. Treating the renal patient who has a fracture: opinion vs evidence. Cleve Clin J Med. 2009 Dec;76(12):684-8.
  6. Miller PD, Coco M. Fragility fractures in chronic kidney disease: A clarification of views (December 2009). Cleve Clin J Med. Feb;77(2):75, 2010.

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