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Sharon J. Parish, M.D.

Dr. Sharon J. Parish

Professor of Clinical Medicine, Department of Medicine (General Internal Medicine)


Professional Interests

Dr. Sharon Parish, a practicing primary care internist at Montefiore, has developed an array of curricula addressing fundamental areas in psychosocial medicine, such as interviewing and empathy skills, psychiatric diagnosis and management, and patient education and compliance, as well as specialized areas such as motivational interviewing, substance abuse disorders, and women’s mental health. Her expertise in teaching about substance abuse has been recognized by the Hazelden Foundation, a nationally known alcohol and substance abuse treatment and professional training institution where she frequently lectures, facilitates interviewing skills sessions, and conducts faculty development workshops.

Along with Drs. Julia Arnsten and Melissa Stein, Dr Parish created the substance abuse Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE), now a cornerstone of the CARE Fellowship Program. Since 1995, she has also been a core faculty member at the Morchand Center, a regional video recording facility where Einstein students perform videotaped interviews using standardized patients.

Current Research Projects


Co-Investigator. Clinical Addiction Research and Education Program, NIH (NIDA) R25 DA14551 (P.I. Julia Arnsten). This award supports the development of innovative teaching methods to enhance substance abuse education in residency training at Montefiore, including the development and implementation of a five-station substance abuse OSCE for internal medicine and family medicine residents. The OSCE has been administered to 225 residents. We have conducted research evaluating residents' skills and assessing the impact of immediate feedback on performance. We have also compared the OSCE performance of residents who were exposed to our substance abuse curriculum to those who participated in the OSCE prior to the implementation of the curriculum. 


Principal Investigator. Delivering Bad News Simulated Patient Educational Intervention and Standardized Patient Assessment, Grant for Excellence in Medical Education, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Division of Education. This study uses standardized patients to assess the efficacy of a simulated patient training and a single OSCE station with feedback on subinterns' "delivering bad news" communication skills. 


Co-Investigator. Becoming a Doctor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, (NICHD) 1K07 HD051528 (P.I. Paul Marantz). This award supports the restructuring and development of clinical undergraduate curricula in ethics, professionalism, prevention, and communication skills. We are conducting research on the educational impact of a four-station advanced communication skills OSCE on subinterns' performance. 


Co-Investigator. Teaching Primary Care Physicians Behavioral Medicine Assessment And Intervention Skills Using Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCEs), Division of General Internal Medicine, Department of Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center (P.I. Charlie Schwartz). This award supports the development of a seven station OSCE to teach behavioral medicine skills to internal medicine interns. We are conducting research evaluating interns' skills and assessing the impact of immediate feedback on performance, as well as the efficacy of faculty feedback. 


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