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Dr. Enver Akalin, M.D.

Enver Akalin, M.D.

Professor, Department of Medicine (Nephrology)

Professor, Department of Surgery

Professional Interests

Dr. Enver Akalin earned his medical degree at Ege University School of Medicine in Izmir, Turkey. He completed a research fellowship in the Renal Division at Brigham and Woman’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, followed by a clinical fellowship in the Renal Division at Boston University School of Medicine. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine as well as a clinical transplant nephrology fellowship in the Renal Division at Emory University School of Medicine.  

A UNOS-certified transplant nephrologist, Dr. Akalin brings to Montefiore more than a decade of expertise in kidney and kidney-pancreas transplantation. He is Medical Director of the Montefiore Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program and Director of Transplant Nephrology Fellowship. Prior to joining Montefiore Einstein, he served as Medical Director of the Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation Program and Director of the Transplant Nephrology Fellowship at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Dr. Akalin is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Nephrology.

Dr. Akalin is a member of several societies, has served on the American Society of Transplantation Clinical Trials Committee and Renal Accreditation Committee, the American Society of Nephrology Transplant Advisory Group and the Medical Board of New York Organ Donor Network, and the Editorial Board of the Clinical Journal of The American Society of Nephrology. Dr. Akalin has been the principle investigator in several trials and has written numerous articles on complex issues in kidney transplantation.

Dr Akalin’s main research interest is investigating mechanisms of acute and chronic rejection using microarray technology and immune monitoring of kidney transplant recipients. Dr. Akalin is one of the first investigators that applied GeneChip (microarray) technology in human kidney transplantation. GeneChip is a powerful technology that detects thousands of genes simultaneously and might help to understand the mechanisms, diagnosis, and the treatment of complex disease, such as rejection of the kidney transplant. His other main research interest is kidney transplantation in highly sensitized cross-match positive or blood group incompatible kidney transplant recipients by using desensitization protocols with Intravenous Immunoglobulin, Rituximab, and Plasmapheresis. He investigates the mechanisms of desensitization treatment and its effect on donor-specific antibodies.

Dr Akalin is also involved in multicenter trials of new immunosuppressive medications as a principle investigator.

Selected Publications


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