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Resident of the Month Awards

Resident of the Month Awards, initiated by Program Director Dr. Rosemarie Conigliaro in July 2013, honor Internal Medicine Residency Program interns and residents who have displayed exemplary service to patients, colleagues, and the Einstein/Montefiore educational mission. 

Award winners receive a certificate of recognition and a textbook of their choice. 

House staff nominations for the award can be emailed to

Thanks to all our conscientious and hard-working residents who take excellent care of patients daily. Einstein/Montefiore has an outstanding program because of their dedication and commitment to learning and to excellent patient care.

February 2016 

Jasdeep Mangat, MD, PGY2, Firm 3

"Dr. Mangat is a terrific resident. Not only does he take excellent care of his patients, but he is incredibly supportive of his interns in terms of work flow, feedback, and checking in to make sure they are taking care of themselves. He is conscientious, and steps in to do admissions for other teams without being asked...Finally, Jas makes work fun. He's always smiling, easy to talk to, has a great fund of knowledge...."

January 2016 

Alejandra Londono-Jimenez, MD, PGY1, Firm 1

"Alejandra was a superb intern and often times functioned completely independently and had the clinical reasoning of a senior resident. She is incredibly thorough, reliable, and conscientious. Her patients loved her and her commitment to them was remarkable. Alejandra is very caring and has a great attitude and eagerness to learn."

"Alejandra did an amazing job on a long, busy, blizzard of a month. She had a thorough working knowledge of all her patients and their problems at all times, and her follow up presentations were flawless. She is a tireless worker, always upbeat and enthusiastic, with a great fund of medical knowledge, which she is able to apply like an experienced clinician. She was helpful to her students, as she was empathetic to her patients. She takes initiative, develops plans, thoroughly researches patients problems and treatments, is not afraid of challenging her attending. And finally, on the morning of January 23rd, she left her home at 5 AM, with a foot of snow and a disabled transit system on the street and disabled smartphone in hand, and somehow still made it to the hospital by 7 AM!"

Honorable Mention: Dr. Charles Murphy, Dr. Sarah Lagedrost, Dr. Effie Tsomos and Dr. Mathew Kladney

December 2015 

Mary (Catie) Cambou, PGY1, Firm 3

"Catie takes truly excellent care of her patients. She is one of the most thoughtful people I know and takes tremendous care to give her patients the best care she can. She has a wonderfully empathic, humanistic approach to medicine. She is well loved by all of her patients, colleagues and staff. I saw the nurses and secretary all give her hugs on the last day saying how sad they were that she was leaving, and all her patients loved her as well. She always had a smile for everyone around her...She even gave us a wonderful presentation about Lyme disease during rounds when it was on the differential diagnosis for one of our patients-- something that isn't expected of interns. Catie is a truly talented intern and it was wonderful experience to work with her the past few months!"

"Catie is an amazing intern, and an even more amazing person to be around. She covered telemetry at Weiler this month, with the utmost of grace, due diligence, dedication to her patients and her medicine team...she continues to tackle each day with a refreshing attitude, a keen regard for addressing her patient's health and social well-being while delivering impactful care. This is a testament to her character and genuine passion for the practice of medicine."

"Catie is a spectacular doctor, always diligent about the care of her patients, seamlessly integrating guidelines and data into her already amazing clinical judgment, connecting immediately with patients, almost unbelievably sweet and caring, brilliant yet humble. This month she went above and beyond, even taking an extra admitting day on Christmas to help out a co-intern. And always with a smile on her face!"

"She is phenomenal. Extremely caring, organized, considerate. Her patients and their families love her. Nursing has continuously made comments about how wonderful it is to work with her...She even offered to work Christmas for her co-intern because she didn't have any family in the area and her co-intern did. Cate is also extremely intelligent and evidence based. Seriously one of the best interns I've ever seen."

“Catie consistently goes above and beyond expectation to care for her patients. She is highly motivated, bright, personable, and a joy to work with."

November 2015 

Rehaan Shaffie, PGY-3, Firm 3

Dr. Shaffie is a second-time winner of the Resident of the Month Award. 

"Very pleasant to the staff and especially the patients."

"Rehaan Shaffie is excellent. Very thoughtful and deliberate in what he say and do. Rehaan was emailing team summaries of EBM articles for various questions that arose during rounds. It really affected the decisions that team made. Rehaan's thoughtful approach to patient's issues led to new diagnostic thinking that hopefully will result in improvement in patient's clinical status."

"He is an amazing teacher and a great leader. His knowledge is incredible. And he sends out these great emails to follow up on things that were discussed in rounds and the evidence to support it. He does this almost making sure his team is learning the evidence behind the decisions we make."

October 2015 

Jon Rosenberg, MD, PGY-1, Firm 1

"Jon is by far one of the best residents I have ever worked with. He is curious, dedicated, and knowledgeable. He interacts with both patients and the medical team with grace and humility. He was always interested in learning, and would often go the extra distance to figure things out. He was an invaluable member of our team."

"Jon is brilliant, thoughtful...He worked tirelessly for his patients, tracking down information and consultants and scans. He clearly read about his patients, and applied this info to provide the best care possible. He was thorough and organized. He never complained, got all his work done in an efficient and pleasant manner, always seem to enjoy what he was doing. He was a true team player, helping out without hesitation, teaching all members of the team. He was the consummate professional in many ways - work ethic, dress, manner, interactions with staff, peers and students."

Richard Silvera, MD, PGY-1, Firm 3

"Richard was often managing care for 9-11 patients by himself...and doing so with the utmost of conviction, dedication to patient care, and a keen focus on addressing their social needs. He worked tirelessly and never complained about the workload he was carrying; instead, he pushed through and delivered exceptional care."

"Richard is the ideal intern. His dedication to his patients is unwavering. He effortlessly combines compassion with a broad knowledge base, and he will develop into an outstanding attending."

September 2015 

Wendy Rabbenou, MD, PGY-2, Firm 2

"She's a hard-worker, a thoughtful clinician, an excellent teacher, and a capable team leader...Wendy is so awesome because she goes above and beyond for her patients. She would spend a significant time on each of the patients on the team, getting to know them not only clinically but also personally...her brilliant brain (and it's quite an impressive one, to be sure) is no match to her genuinely warm heart."

August 2015 

Fiore Mastroianni, MD, PGY-1, Firm 1

"Fiore Mastroianni was outstanding! He will be the star of the program. He makes such a big difference in patients' lives. Fiore is an exceptional intern who will be very successful. He cares, he advocates, he knows. He is someone whom you would trust to choose as your doctor."

"Fiore shows great potential: good grasp of medical concepts, good ability to read and interpret radiologic tests, ability to perform US for the diagnostic purposes and for IV placement."

July 2015 

Justine Phifer, MD, PGY-1, Firm 3

"...I have never encountered a July intern functioning at such a high level. Justine's presentations were consistently marked by her outstanding ability to approach the patient in a cohesive way. She has an excellent fund of knowledge and excellent clinical skills. She had great insight into her own knowledge base, and used that self-awareness to raise her proficiency. Her case presentations were clear, focused, and she already has mastered the ability to weave the relevant facts from the history, physical exam and data into a clear and cohesive narrative. In addition, I observed her to be an excellent mentor to the third-year medical student and fourth-year sub-intern assigned to our team..."

Justine Shum, MD, PGY-2, Firm 1

"A star!! Intelligent, empathetic, sensitive, hard-working, interactive, totally reliable, calm under pressure."

"Excellent supervision of juniors."

"Reads and contributes."

"Able to make independent (and correct) decisions."

June 2015 

Muhammad Shahid, MD, PGY-3, Firm 2

""Dr. Shahid was an exceptional team player and work well with everyone...he displayed exemplary service to our patients, he was kind and compassionate to the patients he served. As a professional, he encompassed all the qualities of Montefiore's vision for health care."

"Muhammad was hardworking, involved, energetic and smart. His clinical knowledge was impressive and he cared about providing the best possible care to his patients. Everyone on the team--the nurses, the discharge coordinator, the social workers, and the families enjoyed working with him."

Dr. Shahid has begun a cardiology fellowship at Robert Wood Johnson/New Jersey Medical Center.

May 2015 

Steven Beckoff, MD, PGY-2, Firm 2

"Steve is incredibly conscientious and thorough. He works very hard, but no matter how busy or tired he is, he is able to remain easy-going and friendly in a way that makes everyone around him feel better and more relaxed…. I have ever heard him complain. What a joy to work with!"

"Steve is probably the best resident I've had. He goes out of his way to help interns. Even when Steve isn't my resident, I'll often go to him with questions because I know that he knows the answer."

"He made our lives a whole lot easier as interns by recognizing when we were a bit work overloaded and lent a hand when we needed one."

In addition, special recognition goes to the following interns for doing a fabulous job this past month: Lissy Szalkiewicz, Justin Tang, Olivia Tong, Andrey Samodumov, and Hye Gi Shim.

April 2015 

Hina Khan, MD, PGY-1, Firm 2

Dr. Khan graduated from Rutgers/New Jersey Medical School.

"[Dr. Khan] did an outstanding job...She cared for several extremely complicated patients with grace, dedication and patience. Her patients often expressed their appreciation of her exemplary care."

Tejas Suresh, PGY-3, Firm I

Dr. Suresh graduated from University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

"[Dr. Suresh] is such an outstanding doctor and great colleague to work with at unusually great team member."

March 2015 

Ben Koo, MD, PGY-2, Firm 1

Dr. Koo graduated from Rutgers/New Jersey Medical School.

"[Dr. Koo] is a natural leader. He set the tone for the team early on in the month. He led with humor, honesty, and above all else he deeply cared about each and every one of our patients. Ben approached every challenge with a smile and a helping hand."

Catherine Trimbur, PGY-3, Firm II

"[Dr. Trimbur] has been has been an advocate for her patients since her very first day on the floors."

"[Dr. Trimbur] is an exemplary resident who was an amazing advocate for her patients and interns. She is a tireless worker….a great doctor. She is a great role model."

February 2015 

Nathalie Douge, MD

Hina Khan, MD

Angel Peng, MD

Norman Roth, MD

Weiler Blue Team 

Nathalie Douge, MD, PGY-1, Firm 1
Medical School: Penn State College of Medicine

Hina Khan, MD, PGY-1, Firm 2
Medical School: Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Angel Peng, MD, PGY-2, Firm 1
Medical School: Georgetown University School of Medicine

Norman Roth, MD, PGY-2, Firm 1
Medical School: New York Medical College

"The team members were a truly amazing group of people. They took care of very complex and ill patients. The team members were constantly helping each other and each one of them took their task very seriously and with a tremendous dedication to patient care. In addition, they had a genuine curiosity about what was happening to their patients and they tried to investigate the problem until all questions were answered (or most of them)."

January 2015 

Joseph Hong, MD, PGY-2, Firm 1

"I had the privilege of working with [Dr. Hong] for the month of January on the Northwest 5 Green medical team. He was...valuable as a role model who takes great care of his patients and sincerely works hard to meet and satisfy their best interests, but he was also an incredible teacher to the entire team. I was incredibly lucky to have him as my senior resident on the team, I learned a tremendous amount from him, and will always take his demeanor and style as a precedent to the type of doctor I would like to be."

"[Dr. Hong] is one of the most ridiculously smart, empathic, and hard working people I know. He often goes out of his way to make life easier for those around him, and never asks for anything in return."

December 2014 

Iman Hassan, MD, PGY-1, Firm 3

"[Dr. Hassan] did a wonderful job on the green team at Weiler in December. he has an amazing dedication to her patients and devotes a lot of time and attention to both their medical care and their well-being as persons. She clearly went above and beyond...."

Mathew Kladney, MD, PGY-1, Firm 3

"In addition to taking excellent care of a large number of sick patients, Matt did an extraordinary job managing an extremely challenging and difficult family situation...all of which he handled with the delicacy, professionalism, and expertise of a seasoned veteran. Despite very long days, his bedside manner, intellectual curiosity, and sense of humor never languished."

November 2014 

Gaurav Rao, MD, PGY-2, Firm 2

Dr. Rao completed medical school at University at Buffalo, State University of New York.

"Dr. Gaurav Rao honors and values each person, listens carefully keep others well informed, willing to listen to and understand others feeling, demonstrates confidence competence and pride in work and appearance, assists others without being asked, treats everyone with kindness and care and supports and encourages others and focuses on shared goals. Always has a smile on his face and a pleasure to work with."

"Dr. Rao is passionate about what he does. He is attentive to his patients and goes above and beyond to care for them and meet their needs. He is knowledgeable, accommodating, and always ready to lend a listening ear."

Honorable Mention goes to Drs. Dan Rogan, Carly Glick, Michael Shusterman, and Steven Mondia.

"Some of [Dr. Dan Rogan's] patients have been VERY unusually difficult to work with and have required quite a lot of effort in terms of negotiating adherence to medical treatment. Throughout it all, Dan has been unfailingly patient, kind, and concerned for his patients' well-being and has spent extraordinary amounts of time in trying to work out accommodations for even the most ungrateful and hostile patients. He has really been working above and beyond the call of duty and exhibiting stellar professionalism and kindness."

October 2014 

Abigail Chua, MD, PGY-3, Firm 2

Dr. Chua completed medical school at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

"...(for a) complicated patient...I was very impressed with Abby's leadership skills and clinical judgment, and how masterfully she directed the team and coordinated the work- up."

"Dr. Chua is a dedicated and well respected member of the team, always pleasant and receptive to staff, peers, patients, family members...she is very clear that all of the patients’ needs are met and relays that information to the team."

"She is very caring and always attends to the needs of patients and very respectful to the staff."

" passionate, caring, knowledgeable, and extremely approachable. She always has a smile on her face and can light up a room with a warmth and care you can feel. Her patients always speak highly of her and she always handles difficult situations with such grace and professionalism, which is difficult to do on such a challenging floor. She is indeed a RockNResident."

September 2014 

Rehaan Shaffie, PGY-2, Firm 3

Dr. Shaffie completed medical school at University of Kansas School of Medicine.

" calm and collected. He likes to educate, and is respectful to patients and staff."

"Dr. Shaffie...(is) very respectful to staff and has great interaction with patients and families."

"Rehaan has done an exceptional job on a floor known for its extremely high turnover and challenging patients. He has always communicated the goals, objectives, and priorities very clearly, which made our jobs much easier. He has always made himself available for help and questions. He has always maintained a calm presence on the floors and provided us with valuable insight regardless of how hectic the situation was...I felt comfortable discussing problems with him and was not afraid to ask for help when I judged a situation to require more attention."

August 2014 

Linda Wang, MD, PGY-2, Firm 3

Dr. Wang completed medical school at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

"Linda cares deeply about her patients and works tirelessly to ensure that they are receiving the best possible care. She inspires those around her to do the same."

"Linda managed an incredibly busy floor, supported and advocated for her interns and routinely stayed late to help ensure that sick patients were appropriately cared for during transitions. Her clinical reasoning and maturity were far beyond what one might expect from a resident in the beginning of her 2nd year. She was absolutely outstanding!"

"Smart, hard-working, humble, excellent fund of knowledge, always evidence based, she is truly wonderful in every aspect."

July 2014 

Maudry Laurent-Rolle, MD, PGY-2, Firm 2

Dr. Laurent-Rolle completed medical school at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

"Maudry thought deeply about complex cases. She formed a very nice relationship with patients and families...She even did extra research that was useful to augment the treatment plan for the patient."

There were many nominations this month, attesting to the great teamwork and patient care that residents provide to patients at both campuses. Special recognition goes to the following residents:

  • Jonathan Cheah, PGY-2, Firm 2
  • Benjamin Koo, PGY-2, Firm 1
  • Eugenia Tsai, PGY-3, Firm 2
  • Dana Assis, PGY-3, Firm 2
  • Teena Charalel, PGY-3, Firm 2
  • Venkatesh Alapati, PGY-2, Firm 2
  • Norman Roth, PGY-2, Firm 1
  • Hamid Lari, PGY-1
  • Aurada Cholapranee, PGY-1, Firm 2

June 2014 

Jessica Pacifico, MD, PGY-3, Firm 1

Dr. Pacifico completed medical school at SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

"Jessica's care of several new young patients in clinic who came to establish care in adult medicine for the first time was impressive. Jessica is a wonderfully dedicated and meticulous primary care doctor!"

Honorable mention this month goes to Drs. Dustin Pardo, Norman Roth, and Joseph Hong.

May 2014 

Shlomo Kuperman, DO, PGY-1, Firm 2

Dr. Kuperman completed medical school in 2013 at SUNY Downstate, and his undergraduate degree in 2008 at Touro College. He is a member of the American Osteopathic Association (AOA).

"Shlomo has enormous talents which make him a superb clinician…a wealth of knowledge, impressive physical exam skills, advocates for his patients at every level, dedicates time to teaching students and co-interns. Shlomo's performance was superb this entire month."

"I feel honored to have had this opportunity to work with Shlomo. I nominate him for the following reasons--educator, excellent clinician, reliable, goes the extra mile for the team and for his patients, excellent human being."

April 2014 

Daniel Morris, MD, PGY-3, Firm 3

Dr. Morris completed medical school in 2011 at University of Connecticut School of Medicine, and his undergraduate degree in 2007 at Brown University.

"Dan did an excellent job on the Blue team at Weiler by providing excellent supervision of the interns, displaying very good clinical knowledge and judgement and really patient-centered care.. Dan is smart and also eager to learn, with an easy-going manner and sense of humor."

Caroline Kwon, MD, PGY-3, Firm 2

Dr. Kwon completed medical school in 2011 at Eastern Virginia Medical School and her undergraduate degree in 2007 at Georgetown University.

"Caroline has been an outstanding resident. She has excellent clinical skills and medical knowledge. She shows maturity, efficiency and compassion towards her patients. She always volunteers to help other housestaff who are behind. She has consistency, humility and perseverance. She continues to learn and enjoys what she does."

March 2014 

David Oh, MD, PGY-1, Firm 1

Dr. Oh received his medical degree from UMDNJ/New Jersey Medical School, and his undergraduate degree from Columbia University.

"(Dr. Oh) was amazingly good at very complex assessments...he managed to organize the chaotic record of (a complex patient) so clearly and so succinctly and so thoroughly and so intelligently...a real tour de force. This was not an isolated event. He showed the same qualities in all of his work."

Many residents were nominated this month, with numerous comments about their outstanding work. A special mention goes to Ricklie Julian, Minghao Liu, Bradley Klein, Lucy Torres, and Daniel Morris.

February 2014 

Mary Gover, MD

Dr. Gover received her medical degree from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, and her undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

"...mature, eager to learn and a terrific job in supervising her team."

"Mary was insightful, supportive and a constant role model. She taught us often, using primary literature that was up to date and pertinent. She gave us the necessary independence to learn, while providing responsible oversight and guidance. When interacting with patients, she was able to show empathy and connect to patients, providing a goal to strive towards."

"Mary was such an asset to our team. She would approach us (the team) with questions about our patients in a nonthreatening way with many teaching points to give us and articles for reference...she is able to synthesize information so quickly and can use her knowledge to teach us...she is kind and supportive to all of the patients and always made them feel comfortable. She is the best resident I have ever seen!"

January 2014 

Juan Manuel Schvartzman, MB/BChir, PhD

Dr. Schvartzman received a Ph.D. from the Weill Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences of Cornell University, and his undergraduate degree from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Juanma is a fantastic teacher and clinician. His medical knowledge is unparalleled. He is a charismatic leader and colleague and always goes the extra mile for his patients and his team."

"An intelligent and skilled clinician, Juanma is a prime example of what every physician-scientist aspires to be."

"Juanma Schvartzman was the BEST night resident ever!!! He always knows what to do right away and is always around to help us manage our patients. He is a great teacher of physical exam findings...."

Honorable Mention: January Blue Team (Weiler)

"An amazing group of people, truly devoted to the patients and their care. Each team member contributed their best and made patient care their highest priority."  

December 2013 

Corica Rodgers, MD, PGY-3, Firm 1

Dr. Rodgers received her medical degree from Howard University College of Medicine and her undergraduate degree from University of California, Irvine.

"She is an outstanding teacher, clinician, and role model."

"…incredibly hardworking and always goes the extra step to help the team out."

Honorable Mention: Nathan Favini, MD, PGY-2, Firm 3

Dr. Favini received his medical degree from Harvard Medical School and his undergraduate degree from Haverford College.

"Nate is very bright with an outstanding fund of knowledge and an intellectual curiosity not commonly seen in most residents. He is very attentive to details re: patient care and provides close follow-up of his outpatients. He is mild-mannered and not ruffled by the many 'system glitches' that occur in large institutions. He remains upbeat, which I believe his patients and colleagues sense from him; this makes all his interactions positive ones...the quality that I most respect in Nate is his humility. He is an outstanding physician and colleague, yet he remains humble...he's a superstar and a complete pleasure to work with."

November 2013 

Jennifer Hirsch, MD, Intern, Firm 2

Dr. Hirsch received her medical degree from UMDNJ/New Jersey Medical School and her undergraduate degree from University of Pennsylvania.

"Outstanding teacher."

"[Dr. Hirsch] instilled...motivation to be a proactive medical student; her energy and intelligence inspired me every day. She was incredible."

Tania Kupferman, PGY-2, Firm 1

Dr. Kupferman received her medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine and her undergraduate degree from Brandeis University.

"Tania took every opportunity to make a teaching point. Beautiful bedside manner. Greets every patient with a smile, demonstrates great patience. A great team player and brilliant clinician."

"Tania did an outstanding job this month! She is very motivated and hard-working resident. She is a very conscientious resident. Showed an excellent fund of knowledge and a willingness to go beyond the usual role."

October 2013 

Yan Yan (Sally) Xie, MD, PGY3, Firm 2

Dr. Xie received her medical degree from the Stony Brook University (SUNY) and her undergraduate degree from Cornell University.

"Sally was our night resident and I was so impressed by her calm, confident demeanor, her positive attitude, and her impressive handling of many complicated situations (including 2 consecutive codes). She seems totally unflappable, and fully deserves the confidence she projects. She was a total pleasure to work with."

"Compassionate, thorough, responsible knowledgeable [she answered my questions on pathophysiology better than anyone else on the team], she handled complex family and social relationships with a unique grace. She performed at the highest level that I can remember in my years here. The wife of a patient of mine was particularly complimentary of her for care and attention given when she changed to night coverage."

Honorable Mention 

Yellow Team: Xia Chen, Vikram Sengupta, Andrew Lipsky, Jacob Esquenazi, Ainie Soetanto and Jeremy Wertman (Oral Surgery resident on rotation).

Recent feedback of the Internal Medicine Residency Program's Yellow Team described its members as "hardworking, smart, efficient, caring, compassionate...not one person that is better than the other. Although we had a very busy month, they are enthusiastic every morning and display patient-centered care every day. They volunteered to take a young man newly diagnosed with gastric cancer who has been here for more than 10 days out for a walk daily because the patient was getting depressed and needed fresh air. What also impresses me about this team is that the night and the day team work cohesively as a team and everyone takes ownership of the patients."

September 2013 

Martha (Catherine) Trimbur, MD, PGY2, Firm 3

Dr. Trimbur received her medical degree from the University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry in 2012, and her undergraduate degree from Brown University in 2003. Additionally, she completed postgraduate work at Harvard University (2005) and a MPH at Columbia University in 2007.

"Dr. Trimbur is an exemplary resident. She is always on top of patient care...She makes every patient feel right at home and content with the level of medical care."Dr 

August 2013 

Scott Schafler, MD, PGY2, Firm 3 

Dr. Schafler received his medical degree from Rutgers/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (formerly known as UMDNJ - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School) in 2012, and his undergraduate degree from Rutgers University in 2007.

"[Dr. Schafler is] unbelievable!  His fund of knowledge and clinical judgment is nearly at attending level!  His enthusiasm is that of a medical student who put on a stethoscope for the first time. His exam skills are second only to Jerry Paccione.  He's kind and empathetic to his patients. Despite all this he is so humble, polite and eager to receive constructive criticism.  I feel lucky that I got to work with him." 

July 2013 

Rebecca Braunstein, MD, PGY2, Firm 1

Dr. Braunstein received her medical degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 2012, and her undergraduate degree from University of Pennsylvania in 2008.

"[Dr. Braunstein] has been absolutely the most patient person. We have a very busy service and she never loses her cool when the day gets busy...She is also a very good teacher to our med students...." 

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