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Medical Firm System

"While seeing advanced disease is important for our education as internists, so is learning how to implement screening and preventive measures in the community. Montefiore excels on both fronts."

-Jonathan Giftos, MD, First-Year Resident

Image: Third-year and first-year residents discuss their patients following noon conference. Residents rotate together as part of the firm system.

The medical service or firm system forms a centerpiece for the entire program. Under this system, the house staff is evenly divided into 3 services, each overseen by 2 full-time faculty members who serve as director and assistant director. These leaders, along with a chief resident assigned to each firm, work to ensure that the service provides top-quality care to its patients and top-quality education to its house staff.

During all 3 years of their training, house staff remain in the same firm, working alongside the same peers and medical service leaders. Each firm rotates together during the year through our general medical and specialty wards and intensive care units. Thus, each firm is something of a community in which peer and resident-faculty relationships benefit from continuity. At the same time, residents also draw on the guidance and expertise of the entire attending staff, including faculty in all subspecialties, who are available to all firms.

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