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Evaluation Methods

In order for the training program to assess its ability to meet its goals and objectives, the program's evaluation process includes fellow, program, and faculty evaluations, as well as communication and feedback pertaining to the evaluations.

Fellow Evaluations 

For each clinical rotation, an evaluation form is completed by the supervising faculty member. The evaluation form utilized is adapted from one distributed and recommended by the American Board of Internal Medicine. All faculty complete the form prior to the completion of the rotation and review their impressions directly with the fellow. All completed evaluation forms are returned to the Program Director for review and placed in the fellow’s permanent file.

During the research phase of training, an evaluation form is completed by the fellow’s research faculty mentor. These evaluations forms are completed every 4-6 months, reviewed with the fellow by the faculty research mentor, and submitted to the Program Director for placement in the fellow’s permanent file.

Completed evaluation forms submitted to the Program Director are reviewed immediately upon their receipt. A rating less than satisfactory in any category is followed up by a conference between the fellow and the Program Director to discuss the cause for the poor rating and identify means for improving the fellow's performance.

All fellows are required to keep a consult book and a procedures log, identifying the procedure, date, indication, outcome, complication, and name of supervising physician. A copy of these logs is provided to the Program Director semi-annually for placement in the fellow’s permanent file.

Faculty and Program Evaluations 

Semi-annually all fellows are required to complete and return an evaluation form of the faculty and the program. Evaluations are collected in a fashion to assure the anonymity of the fellow. Fellows are encouraged to maintain a high level of communication with the Program Director and faculty. Periodically, a formal review conference is held with the fellows and Program Director. The feedback received during informal meeting, formal meetings, and the semi-annual evaluation form will be used to make programmatic changes.

Communication and Feedback 

  1. Monthly evaluations are made by the clinician supervising the 1st year fellow on the wards and the program director also speaks to the clinicians personally.
  2. At least semi-annually, all fellows confer individually with the Program Director to review all of their evaluations. This meeting is to provide feedback to the fellow on their performance and to identify areas for professional enhancement. A written summary of this session is placed in the fellow’s permanent file.
  3. The first year fellows are expected to provide a written case report or clinical research project at the end of the year. This will be evaluated by at least 2 faculty members and feedback provided personally to the fellow by those faculty.
  4. The second year fellows have a mentor who guides the academic research project for the second year and provides feedback to the fellow on a regular basis. Clinical evaluations are submitted by the outpatient preceptors in the second year. The program director will meet with the second year fellows every 6 months following a discussion with the mentor and polling of the faculty to identify any areas of clinical weakness that need to be improved.
  5. Any adverse judgments or evaluations regarding the fellow’s level of performance or competence are first directed to the Program Director. If the fellow feels that this is not to their satisfaction, then the grievance can be addressed by established institutional policy.


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