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Research directed at practical clinical, translational, and fundamental questions is incorporated into the very essence of the Montefiore-Einstein Pulmonary Medicine Division. Fulltime members of the Pulmonary Medicine Division are actively engaged in basic, translational, and clinical research endeavors, ranging from studies of functional and population genetics and epigenetics, to respiratory and vascular physiology to clinical investigations on pathophysiology and treatment. More extensive listings are available at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine website. Fellows may work in any of these laboratories, as well as those outside the Division in a variety of epidemiology, clinical trial, translational research, and basic science endeavors, at Montefiore Medical Center or at the medical school (Einstein). In brief, current research areas include:


Dr. Simon Spivack and Sumita Sinha's main clinical research interest is in refractory asthma management, and associated clinical trials. Dr. Spivack co-established the multi-disciplinary Montefiore Asthma Center, along with Adult and Pediatric Allergy, and Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine divisions. The institution and others funded the initial database establishment for this unique cohort, and clinical outcomes are being carefully examined.

David Prezant
Krystal Cleven, MD
Asthma Center 


Cough/Outcome Studies: Dr. Peter Dispinigaitis's comprehensive evaluation of antitussive products against acute viral cough, and authoritative studies on chronic cough etiology and therapy.

David W. Appel
Peter Dicpinigaitis 

Functional Genetics

Functional Genetics/Basic Investigations: Simon Spivack's studies of epigenetic regulation of lung cell gene expression in vitro and in humans, and its manipulation including cellular reprogramming, are technically advanced.

Simon Spivack 

Interventional Pulmonary Medicine

Dr. Ali Sadoughi is commencing studies in outcomes in interventional pulmonary medicine, using endobronchial ultrasound, laser, photocoagulation, stents, valves and other technologies.

Ali Sadoughi
Vivek Murthy 

Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Diagnostics and Outcome Studies: Dr. Chirag Shah’s studies on bronchoscopic EBUS technologies, prognostic biomarker, and on lung cancer screening in special at-risk populations, are commencing.

Lung Cancer/Biomarkers: Dr. Simon Spivack's translational discoveries of individual candidate susceptibility markers through exploration of airway functional genetic and epigenetic phenotypes, and other features, are ongoing.

Ali Sadoughi
Chirag Shah
Simon Spivack 

Respiratory Symptoms and Diseases in FDNY Emergency Rescue Workers

Dr. David Prezant's interest in determining the mechanisms responsible for accelerated decline in inhalation injury, and longitudinal pulmonary function changes among WTC firefighters and EMC workers, is seminal. Other Prezant studies in respiratory and disaster medicine are active.

David Prezant 

Sleep Medicine

Sleep/Physiology: Dr. Appel's sleep apnea physiology, and cough and restless leg syndrome research with post-gastric bypass patients.

David W. Appel 

Stem Cell Basic Investigations

Dr. Yakov Peter's (Touro College) studies of cellular biology and regenerative cells of the mammalian airway.

Yakov Peter 


Dr. Divya Reddy’s main clinical research interest is in the tracking, and therapeutic outcomes, of tuberculosis, particularly in an Indian cohort. Related non-tuberculous mycobacterial studies are in planning. 

Divya Reddy 
Shivani Singh

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