Division of Pulmonary Medicine


Current Pulmonary Medicine Research Areas


Thomas Aldrich
David Prezant
Chang Shim
Sumita (Bobbie) Sinha, MD 

Asthma Center


David W. Appel
Peter Dicpinigaitis 

Lung Cancer 

Andrew Berman
Maria Cirino-Marcano
Weiguo Han
Simon Spivack 

Mycobacterial Diseases (TB and Non-TB) 

Max O'Donnell 

Pulmonary HTN 

Josanna M. Rodriguez-Lopez 

Regenerative Medicine 

Yakov Peter, PhD

Respiratory Symptoms and Diseases in FDNY Emergency Rescue Workers 

David Prezant 

Sickle Cell Disease 

Thomas Aldrich 

Sleep Medicine 

David W. Appel
Neomi Ashwin Shah 


Pulmonary Fellowship Conferences occur regularly throughout the year.

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