Division of Nephrology

Urologic Disorders

(In conjunction with Urology Faculty) 

  1. Renal response to urinary tract outflow obstruction;
  2. Recognition and diagnosis of etiology of urinary tract obstruction;
  3. Options for therapeutic intervention in obstruction;
  4. Diagnosis and management of the various renal stone disorders;
  5. Indications for, patient selection for, use of, and complications of lithotripsy;
  6. Urologic management of painful cystic disease;
  7. Metabolic complications of urinary diversion procedures;
  8. Renal and metabolic consequences to partial and total nephrectomy;
  9. Acquired renal cystic disease and risk of neoplasia.
  10. Sensitivity and specificity of various diagnostic imaging modalities in the diagnosis of urologic disorders.

Division Chief

Michael RossMichael Ross, MD (bio)
Chief, Division of Nephrology
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Montefiore Medical Center
1300 Morris Park Avenue
Ullmann 615-C
Bronx, New York 10461
Telephone: 718-430-8768
Email: michael.ross@einstein.yu.edu 

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Renal Grand Rounds 


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