Division of Nephrology

Renal Transplantation

  1. Indications for and contraindications to renal transplantation;
  2. Evaluation and selection of transplant candidates;
  3. Pre-operative preparation of the transplant recipient;
  4. Post-operative management of the renal transplant recipient, including immunosuppressant Rx;
  5. Diagnosis of all forms of renal allograft rejection, including laboratory, histologic, and imaging techniques;
  6. Biology of transplant rejection, acute and chronic;
  7. Medical management of acute and chronic rejection;
  8. Infectious complications of renal transplantation and immunosuppressant Rx;
  9. Evaluation of transplant donors;
  10. Principles of histocompatibility testing;
  11. Mechanisms of action of the various immunosuppressant medications;
  12. Adverse effects of the various immunosuppressant medications;
  13. Non-immunologic mechanisms of renal allograft failure;
  14. Renal impact of pancreas or liver transplantation;
  15. Impact of cardiovascular disease on the transplant recipient;
  16. Hypertension in the renal transplant recipient;
  17. Indications for renal allograft biopsy; Renal allograft biopsy histopathology;
  18. Recurrent diseases in the renal allograft;
  19. Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders;
  20. Bone disease and calcium/phosphorus metabolism in the transplant recipient;
  21. Lipid and glucose disorders in the transplant recipient;
  22. Erythrocytosis in the transplant recipient;
  23. Neoplasia in the transplant recipient;
  24. Nutrition issues in the transplant recipient;
  25. Psycho social aspects and ethical issues of organ donation and transplantation;
  26. Psychiatric disturbances in renal transplant patients

Division Chief

Michael RossMichael Ross, MD (bio)
Chief, Division of Nephrology
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Montefiore Medical Center
1300 Morris Park Avenue
Ullmann 615-C
Bronx, New York 10461
Telephone: 718-430-8768
Email: michael.ross@einstein.yu.edu 

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