Division of Nephrology

Geriatric Nephrology

Practical aspects of geriatric renal problems are presented by Renal Faculty and experienced through biopsy seminars, Renal Grand Rounds, and Physiology Seminars. Fellows may interact with the geriatricians and work closely with them to provide care to the elderly population with CKD and ESRD. The curriculum objectives are not different for this age group. The lecture series covers the following:

  1. Renal physiology in the elderly
  2. Acute and chronic kidney disease in the elderly
  3. Evaluation and management of the Geriatric ESRD patient
  4. Palliative care in the Geriatric patient with kidney disease

Interim Division Chief

Vaughn Folkert, M.D (bio)

Professor of Clinical Medicine 



Renal Grand Rounds 


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