Division of Infectious Diseases

I.D. (AIDS) Clinic Assignments 2017-2018


I.D. Fellowship Training Program
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Montefiore Medical Center
I.D. (AIDS) Clinic Assignments


As required by the accreditation authorities and consistent with our training goals, all first and second-year fellows attend a weekly I.D. (AIDS) clinic.  Assignments will be to one of our two clinics- either the I.D. (AIDS) Clinic at Montefiore or the AIDS Clinic at Jacobi (in the Ambulatory Care Pavilion, formerly the Van Etten Building).  Dr. Robert Grossberg is director of the MontefioreI.D. clinic and Dr. Jason Leider is the director of the Jacobi AIDS Clinic, where Dr. David Stein directs the activities of the assigned I.D. Fellows.  At each clinic, you should be assigned a panel of HIV -infected patients who are given care on a continuous basis. Clinic sessions for first-year fellows will be on one morning per week (Monday or Tuesday orThursday but not on Wednesday, which would conflict with our conferences).  At each session, an I.D. attending should be available to you as a preceptor. For second-year fellows, the clinic location will be on the campus where the fellow will be doing research. 


First-Year Fellows  Clinic Location 
Joseph Cooper, MD     Montefiore*
Orlando Quintero, MD Jacobi**
Francis Wadskier, MD Montefiore*
 Lindsay Zielinski, DO Montefiore*
Polina Trachuk, MD Jacobi**
Second-Year Fellows   
Jaimie Mittal, MD   Montefiore*
 Justin Nistico, DO              Montefiore*
 Jaime Mogollon, MD  Jacobi**
 Aileen Tlamsa, MD, MA Jacobi**
 Gabriela Ponce, MD Montefiore*



Fellows beyond the second year: Many of the fellows voluntarily continue in the same clinic they had attended in the second year.

*Montefiore (ID Clinic-Family Care Center-3rd Floor)

**: Jacobi (Ambulatory Care Pavilion – ACS – 6th Floor)


Conferences & Seminars

Infectious Diseases Grand Rounds @ Einstein
Year End Research Seminar
Drs. Cheney, Nistico & Tlamsa
Wednesday, June 20, 2018 @ 8:30 AM

Conference & Seminar Schedules

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