Division of Hematology

Hematology Clinics

The Einstein-Montefiore west campus Family Care Center (FCC) and east campus Comprehensive Family Care Center (CFCC) have specialized hematology clinics where patients are seen by hematology fellows.

Patients are seen, blood smears are reviewed and therapy is planned in conjunction with an attending hematologist physician. A broad range of hematologic issues, from red cell disorders to hemostasis issues to white cell dyscrasias are treated within these settings and patients’ care is coordinated with other outpatient medical therapy clinics and transfusion units.

Family Care Center (FCC)
3444 Kossuth Avenue
Bronx, NY
Appointment Line (718)-920-3579

The FCC serves 1300 patients with hematologic problems yearly in the outpatient clinc at Montefiore. All insurances are accepted. The clinic provides nursing, scheduling, social service and treatments. Procedures performed at the clinic include bone marrow tests.

Comprehensive Family Care Center Coumadin Clinic (CFCC)
1621 Eastchester Road, 2nd Floor
Bronx, NY 10461
Appointment Line (718)-405-8040

Hematology Faculty Consultative Practices

Two locations with full-time academic board-certified hematologists who provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment for patients with complex hematologic disorders. For more information visit the Faculty Consultative Services website.


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