Division of Hematology

Fellow Interesting Case Conference

Educational Purpose 

  • To present interesting patients to the entire hematology service (faculty and fellows) so that patients from multiple sites can be utilized for teaching.
  • To train fellows to select an interesting patient, prepare written patient presentations, review the current medical literature, and to verbally present all of this information to a group of their mentors and peers.

Principal Teaching Method 

Fellows rotate presenting interesting and unusual current cases and reviewing the literature at a biweekly Montefiore-Moses Case Conference. Each fellow selects a faculty preceptor for the conference to discuss the plan for the presentation before the conference and amplify the discussion at the conference. All fellows except the Jacobi Medical Center fellow attend this conference.

Most Important Educational Content 

Exposure of all fellows and faculty to patients with more unusual hematological disorders in a “round table discussion” format. The presenting fellow learns how to review the literature, focus a discussion, and present in front of a group of faculty and peers.

Site’s Resources 

There are enough very interesting patients from the Hematology Consult Services at Montefiore-Moses to provide the fellow with an opportunity to review the literature about a specific aspect of the case. The Hematology Division at Montefiore-Moses has a small conference room with blackboard, screen, 35mm projector, and overhead projector.


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