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Falls Assessment

Elizabeth Odierna, MD 

More than one-third of community-dwelling adults age 65 or older fall every year. In half of these cases, the falls are recurrent. They carry a risk of hospitalization, functional decline and nursing home placement. Most falls are multifactorial and need close attention to various risk factors in individual patients. As the number of community-dwelling adults over 65 has increased significantly, the Einstein/Montefiore Division of Geriatrics has added a Falls Assessment Program in the Geriatrics Ambulatory Practice.

The Falls Assessment Program provides assessments of patients with history or risk factors for falls. The evaluation includes:

  • Detailed history and physical examination with emphasis on medication review
  • Test for vision and hearing impairment
  • Assessment of gait and balance

After the evaluation, recommendations are made to reduce a patient's risk for falls and, if appropriate, patients are referred to other specialists in other disciplines. For patients seen as consultations, recommendations are communicated to the primary care provider.


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