Division of Endocrinology & Diabetes

Core Facilities

Animal Physiology Core
The Einstein Animal Physiology Core assists biomedical investigators in the in vivo assessment of glucose and fatty acid metabolism, insulin sensitivity and energy homeostasis in mice and rats.

Hormone Assay Core
The Einstein Hormone Assay Core establishes an integrative framework to understand disorders in glucose and lipid metabolism.

Stable Isotope & Metabolomics Core
The Einstein Stable Isotope & Metabolomics Core uses stable isotope flux and metabolite profiling to help formulate and test hypotheses about the metabolic consequences of various changes in gene expression and protein function, in order to guide further integrative systems biology analyses of the underlying mechanisms in diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity, and diabetic complications.

Prevention & Control Division
The Einstein Prevention and Control Division (P&C) links basic science into the realm of applied effectiveness and translational research for broad implementation; provides core support across a broad range of research and community projects for primary, secondary and tertiary prevention in diabetes and related conditions; and, through three functional units, provides the focal point for addressing health disparities among the minority populations and underserved communities. 

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