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Fellows are required to attend the following conferences as long as attendance does not compromise urgent patient care.

  1. Clinical Conferences
    1. Endocrine Clinical Conference
      Friday, 8AM, weekly throughout the year
      10 – 15 faculty in attendance
      All trainees (F1 and F2) are required to attend
      Case presentations by the trainees, with literature and extensive commentary and interaction between trainees and faculty
    2. Endocrine Clinic Case Review Conference
      Friday, 4 PM, weekly, following the MMC West Campus
      Endocrinology Clinic
      2– 6 faculty in attendance
      Trainees that attend the Endocrinology Clinic (required attendance), other trainees who elect to come, and rotating Internal Medicine residents (required attendance) participate in this conference. Case presentations that are based on clinical problem cases seen that day in the clinic or the faculty practice are discussed.
    3. CFCC Clinical Conference
      Monday, 8 AM, weekly before the CFCC Clinic
      2-5 faculty in attendance
      Trainees (F1) and rotating Internal Medicine residents are required to attend
      Interdisciplinary interactions between Attendings, Certified Diabetes Nurse-Educators, Nutritionists and Trainees.
    4. Endocrine Fellows Conference
      Monday, 4:00 PM, weekly throughout the year.
      2-4 faculty in attendance
      All trainees and rotating Internal Medicine residents are required to attend.
      Varied subject areas: One per month is an interdisciplinary conference with Division of Cytology to review results of thyroid fine needle aspiration biopsy; One per month is an interdisciplinary conference with Department of Pathology to review the surgical pathology of current endocrine patients; One session per month is an interdisciplinary conference with neuroradiology, neurosurgery, neuro-ophthalmology, and neuropathology, as needed, to review patients with disorders of the pituitary/hypothalamus. One session per month is devoted to other topics such as, but not limited to, controversies in thyroid disease, endocrine nuclear medicine, pediatric endocrinology, and gynecologic endocrinology, nutrition and bone disease. The session may also be used for outside speakers.
  2. Literature Review (Journal Club)

    Journal Clubs are scheduled weekly at the beginning of the Diabetes Clinic at the primary training site. Other training sites have journal club at monthly intervals (The minimum is monthly). During the second year of training, residents attend regularly scheduled literature review conferences in the context of their research experience.
  3. Research Conferences

    Research Conferences are scheduled at weekly intervals within the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism. The schedules are posted and available by email notification and on the web sites of the Diabetes Research Center and the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism.

    In addition to the formal scheduled research conferences within the Division, as above, there are 5 – 10 research conferences advertised weekly at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine both in clinical and basic science departments. These are posted in the Division’s office and trainees are welcomed attendees at all of these conferences.

  4. Endocrine Core Conferences

    Tuesday 9 AM throughout the year
    Faculty are in attendance
    All first year residents are required to attend
    Some of these conferences are over an hour
    Over 52 hours of core conference time provided per year
    Subject areas are Endocrine Systems that cover the major clinical areas of Endocrinology (18 hours), Clinical Research Methods (15 hours), Diabetes Clinical Research Training Program (12 hours), Basic Science (7 hours), and supplemental topics requested by the residents.
  5. Ethical and Humanistic Values Conferences

    Fellows are required to attend quarterly one-hour conferences with Drs. Fleischer and Surks to discuss ethical and humanistic issues that arise in the care of their patients. The resources of "Project Professionalism," distributed by the American Board of Internal Medicine, are used for case vignettes and other teaching materials. Participation in the Tufts Healthcare Institute’s Online Learning Campus is required.


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