Division of Dermatology

Dermatology Research Fellow Receives American Skin Association Grant

Brandon Adler

Brandon Adler, a medical student at Albert Einstein college of medicine and research fellow under Dr. Adam Friedman, received a research grant from the American Skin Association to investigate a new nanotechnology for the treatment of melanoma.

The prognosis of metastatic melanoma remains bleak despite the scientific community’s growing understanding of its underlying mechanism. New treatments are sorely needed.

Dr. Adler's work will investigage the antineoplastic (tumor-growth-inhibiting) properties of sanguinarine, a naturally derived bioactive agent. Sanguinarine has been observed to display selective antimelanoma activity both in vitro and in vivo. Nanomaterials are a novel and viable option for melanoma treatment, able to act in targeted fashion, accumulate within tumors, and overcome resistance development. Encapsulating sanguinarine in nanoparticles would be an ideal method of making use of its antineoplastic properties in controlled fashion against this formidable disease entity.

As part of its mission to defeat melanoma, skin cancer and disease, the American Skin Association serves the more than 100 million Americans (one third of the U.S. population) afflicted with skin disorders, advancing research, championing skin health, and driving public awareness about skin disease. more info 

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