Division of Dermatology

Basic Science & Translational Research

The Einstein/Montefiore Division of Dermatology research program consists of a multidisciplinary, collaborative group of investigators from numerous departments and divisions.

The overall goal of this program is to create an academic environment that perpetuates the ongoing successes and discoveries, enhancing our understanding of skin pathology and cutaneous disease states and translating this knowledge into efficacious therapies.

Research Activity 

The Einstein/Montefiore Division of Dermatology research program encompasses drug delivery.

Dermatology researchers are currently investigating a novel nanotechnology which allows for controlled and sustained delivery of a wide spectrum of physiologically and medicinally relevant molecules ranging from nitric oxide, melanin, peptides and large proteins, to well established diagnostic agents and therapeutics suitable for chemotherapy and MRI imaging. This technology has yielded materials that can be delivered topically, subcutaneously, and intravenously. Some examples of the translational applications of this large-scaled project include:

  1. Treatment of multi-drug resistant bacterial and fungal infections
    1. S. aureus (MRSA)
    2. Mycobacterium tuberculosis 
    3. Mycobacterium ulcerans (Buruli’s ulcer)
    4. Candida albicans 
    5. Biofilm-forming Cryptococcus neoformans 
  2. Wound healing
  3. Topical treatment of peripheral vascular disease
  4. Systemic and local delivery of chemotherapeutic agents
  5. Photoprotection/radioprotection
  6. Lifetime extension for stored packed red blood cells


About the Division

Division of Dermatology Overview 


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Madeline Solis

Divisional Administrator

Dermatology and Allergy

Phone: (718) 920-8154


Karen Grant, MS
Residency Program Administrator
3411 Wayne Ave,
2nd Floor,
Bronx, NY, 10467
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