Einstein/Montefiore Division of Critical Care Medicine

Wakefield ICU

Medical Director: Ronald Lis, MD

Medical Co-Director: Manoj L. Karwa, MD

Nursing Director: Amore Espina, RN

The Wakefield Medical-Surgical ICU is a 16-bed combined ICU that admits approximately 75+ patients per month. 

The unit is staffed with one critical care attending, one critical care fellow, and four medical residents. During their MSICU rotation, fellows cover the unit M-F 6:30am-7pm but will not take night or weekend call. On an as-needed basis the fellows may be asked to stay as late as 8:30 pm to assist the attending. 

Fellows and attendings take signout from 6:30 to 7 am. From 7 am to 8 am fellows attend chief of service rounds. MSICU rounds with the attending, medical residents and interns, ICU nurses, and pharmacologist take place from approximately 8 am to noon daily. 

The most frequent diagnoses at the time of admission to the MSICU are respiratory failure, septic shock, endocrine and metabolic emergencies, hemorrhagic shock, renal failure, hepatic failure, ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke, status epilepticus, oncologic emergencies, and neuromuscular crises.  

Fellow Responsibilities: While rotating through the MSICU, critical care fellows are expected to  actively participate in rounds, perform all necessary invasive procedures on MSICU patients with attending supervision, perform goal-oriented ultrasonography on MSICU patients, participate in MSICU QI meetings, assist medical interns and residents with decision making, and participate in family discussions. The fellows are also expected to teach the residents and interns and to run rounds under attending supervision in the second half of the academic year. In addition, fellows are required to keep the MSICU component of the critical care database updated at all times and to document and report all mortalities at morning chief of service rounds. 


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