Einstein/Montefiore Division of Critical Care Medicine

Moses Surgical-Neurosurgical ICU (SICU)

Director: Howard Doyle, MD 

Nursing Supervisor: Diane Barthelemy, RN

This 12-bed North 3 Montefiore Medical Center SICU functions as a primary teaching unit. Patients are jointly managed by Neurosurgery-Surgery and Critical Care, with concurrent care by primary surgical services.

The unit admits approximately 75 patients per month, and functions as a medical-surgical ICU due to high volume of admissions of surgical patients admitted for medical emergencies, neurointensive care cases requiring medical intensive care and pre-operative admissions of the high risk cardiac patients requiring intensive medical management. The Critical Care team does procedures.This ICU is the focus of the recently approved liver transplant program.

The SICU is staffed with one attending, two fellows, surgical housestaff, and 5 Critical Care PAs.

Patients are admitted from all areas of Montefiore Medical Center. The most frequent diagnoses at the time of admission to the SICU major vascular surgery such as abdominal aneurysm resection, major bowel or liver surgery, subarrachnoid hemorrhage requiring clipping, and major medical complications of surgery on anesthesia.

Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Training Program fellows rotating through the SICU are exposed to a large variety of post-operative patients undergoing major cardiovascular and neurosurgical procedures.


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