Division of Cardiology

Cardiac Disease Prevention Studies

Lifestyle Changes

As part of an ongoing effort to advance the prevention of cardiovascular disease, Einstein-Montefiore physicians are investigating innovative approaches designed to promote exercise, healthy diets, and weight loss.

  1. Patient Health Contracts

    In this study, Einstein-Montefiore physicians engaged in a brief motivational discussion with patients during outpatient cardiology clinic visits, and requested that each patient sign a contract, witnessed by a family member, agreeing to increase days per week of exercise and to lose weight.

    After signing the contract, patients exercised more days per week and had improved weight measures compared to a control group.
  2. Patient PerceptionsRegarding General and Race-Based Instruction

    As part of an investigation into innovative methods of translating information into behavior change, physicians are exploring patient perceptions about the dissemination of heart-healthy information.

    In a series of studies, cardiology clinic patients are surveyed to determine whether they believe that their physicians are supplying them with information about adopting a healthy lifestyle, whether they believe that the information will help them change their behavior and live a healthier lifestyle, and whether race-specific information is desirable to general information.

    Current results of this ongoing study suggest that patients believe that the information does or will translate into behavior change, and that race-tailored information provides greatest motivation for adoption of behavior change.

Weight Loss and Risk of Stroke, Death

Intentional and unintentional weight loss may have a vastly different impact on cardiovascular health. Einstein-Montefiore Heart Center investigators are evaluating whether intentional and unintentional weight loss is associated with future risk of stroke and death.

Potential Effects of Statins Beyond Lipid Lowering

Montefiore Einstein Heart Center investigators reviewed 20 years of medical literature about the potential benefits of statin drugs beyond their well-documented ability to reduce cholesterol.

Numerous animal and human studies suggest that statins have benefits beyond their lipid lowering ability, including a positive impact on a variety of organ systems and disease states, suggesting that the therapeutic role of statins may expand.

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