Division of Cardiology

Percutaneous Coronary Interventions Registry

Einstein-Montefiore is one of [INSERT #] academic medical centers across the nation participating in the Percutaneous Coronary Interventions Registry.

Major advances have occurred in diagnostic techniques and treatment procedures (coronary revascularization and surgery) for patients with ischemic heart disease. These advances have resulted better diagnoses, better selection of patients for surgery or catheter-based interventions versus medical management, and increased survival rates. However, as the American population ages, rates of co-morbidity (including peripheral vascular disease, metabolic disorders, cerebrovascular disease) and association of coronary and valvular diseases increase. As a result, practicing interventionalists and cardiologists are experiencing greater problem detecting and treating combined coronary and valvular diseases.

The PCI Registry provides participating physicians with a quality control tool to accomplish the following:

  1. monitor and compare their activity on a national level
  2. gain knowledge of innovative diagnostic and treatment methods, including use of drug eluting stents and adjunctive devices
  3. access diagnostic equipment, expert diagnosticians, and expertise of interventional cardiologists and surgeons
  4. reduce uncertainty and controversiality determining the most appropriate treatment of individual patients with ischemic heart disease
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