Division of Cardiology

Heart Transplant Fellowship Training

The Einstein Division of Cardiology currently offers two heart failure and transplantation fellowship training options:

  1. Clinical Research Fellowship

    A one-year clinical research program is available to cardiology fellows prior to their clinical fellowship training. In this program, fellows gain in-depth experience conducting clinical research and patient care.

  2. Post-Fellowship Specialty Training

    A fourth-year post-fellowship training program for candidates who have completed a cardiology fellowship and wish to pursue additional training in heart failure, heart transplantation, and cardiac assist devices (beginning 2007–2008).

Heart Failure and Transplantation Rotation

Cardiology fellowship trainees spend three months in a specialized heart failure and cardiac transplantation rotation to gain experience managing advanced heart failure. Special emphasis is given to intensive care management, heart transplantation, ventricular assist devices and end-of-life decisions in patients with advanced heart failure without options.

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