Division of Cardiology

Heart Failure, Transplantation Rotation

Heart Failure/Cardiac Transplantation (HF/CT) will soon become a subspecialty in Cardiology. The requirements to be certified in this subspecialty have not yet been delineated but will most likely require spending at least 12 months in an accredited HF/CT program. Meanwhile expertise in HF/CT is acquired by rotating through a HF/CT program during the regular cardiology fellowship.

Each fellow is expected to spend 3 months on the Heart Failure Service. It is recommended that fellows interested in HF/CT rotate through the program for a total duration of 6 months.

The bi-campus CHF program is an active clinical service within the cardiology division that offers trainees experience in the management of patients with advanced cardiac disease and also the opportunity to participate in clinical research. By virtue of providing consultative and ongoing care to a large number of severely ill cardiac patients, the service provides an educational service for the entire medical center.

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