Division of Cardiology

Cardiology Fellowship Clinical Rotations

First-year fellow Per Sommer learns details about an intra-aortic balloon pump.

The curricular experience is organized by areas of intellectual discipline, leading to a broad competency in the field of cardiology and to certifiable competency in specific skill sets of clinical cardiology. Each monthly rotation has its own intellectual academic goals and framework and integrates the ACGME competencies.

The training program consists of 36 month-long rotations integrated into the activities of 3 sites. Four weeks each year are allotted for vacation.

Rotations are intended to familiarize trainees with all aspects of interventional practice, including the following:

By the end of the rotations, it is expected that trainees will:

  1. be facile with all and expert in the several aspects of clinical cardiology
  2. have identified a broad career track and area of focused interest (with the help of the Program Director and appropriate faculty members) for particular expertise development
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