Division of Cardiology

Noninvasive Cardiology

Echocardiography Rotation

Cardiology fellows Lina Restrepo and Marc Jason Ostreicher learn 3D echocardiography.

Training Options 

Transthoracic Echocardiography (TTE)
Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE)
Stress Echocardiography (SE) 

Overview: Years 1-3
The echocardiography rotation experience, by year.

Educational Purpose
The educational purpose varies according to the month of rotation.

Faculty and Staff
Einstein echocardiography faculty listing.

Topics Covered
Topics covered vary according to the month of rotation.

Clinical Encounter Experiences
Consultative cardiology, interactions with patients, medical professionals, staff, and family members.

Patient Characteristics and Disease Mix
Details of the Einstein-Montefiore echocardiography patient population.

Teaching Methods
Teaching methods vary according to the month of rotation.

Conference Schedule
Days, times, and description of echocardiography teaching conferences held at Einstein and Montefiore.

Facilities and Resources
Three laboratories (Montefiore, Weiler, Jacobi) providing comprehensive echocardiographic services and fully equipped to perform transthoracic and transesophageal studies.

Available Pathological Materials
List of echo cases, clinical studies, heart model.

Reading Lists and Educational Resources
Assigned readings (by month of rotation), conferences, grand rounds, libraries, hospital intranet, major cardiovascular textbooks, Internet access.

Evaluation and Assessment
Description of fellows' performance evaluation process, evaluation criteria, and competency-focused forms.

Curriculum Source
Bibliographic information for the sources of the echocardiography rotation curriculum.

By Month 

Month 1, Year 1 

Month 2, Year 1 

Month 3, Year 2 

Month 1, Year 3 

Month 2, Year 3 

Month 3, Year 3 

Level 2, Month 4 to Level 3 

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