Division of Cardiology

Myocardial and Vascular Cell and Molecular Biology Research (MVCMB)

Molecular cardiology is now an essential component of cardiovascular research. Molecular techniques have been applied to areas as diverse as the clinical pharmacology of fibrinolytic agents and the molecular genetics of familial cardiomyopathies, lipoprotein disorders and inherited arrhythmias. Molecular analysis has also become an increasingly important component of clinical medicine, allowing for sophisticated diagnoses of disease etiology and providing a scientific basis for therapeutic decision-making. The MVCMB research training program is designed to train physician-scientists for careers in investigative research that address fundamental questions of the cardiovascular system.

The MVCMB training program is closely allied with the clinical fellowship program. Successful applicants to the MVCMB training program are expected to spend a minimum of 2 years in the basic research laboratory in addition to 2 years of clinical cardiology training. The precise structure of the 4 years of fellowship training is flexible in accord with the particular needs of an individual candidate and the requirements of the clinical program. However, during the research years, MVCMB trainees are protected from clinical duties.

Applicant may apply to both the MVCMB and the Clinical Fellowship Programs. Potential candidates are encouraged to contact the Program Director prior to submitting applications for information on their suitability for the program MVCMB training program. A brief description of research activities in the MVCMB laboratories of the Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine is available in the faculty research brochure. Applicants are encouraged to consult this booklet to identify potential mentors in the areas of interest.

In special occasions, fellows have been allowed to work with research mentors outside the Cardiology Division within the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Recent participants in the MVCMB training program have been successful in conducting sophisticated research, as evidenced by publications in highly competitive journals and presentation of multiple abstracts at national meetings. Recent trainees have won Young Investigator’s Award Competitions and have obtained competitive grant awards from prestigious societies.

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