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Genetics Departmental Seminar Series 2009-2010

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September 16 Andrew Sharpe University of Geneva Medical School From Genome to Phenome:  Discovering Novel Genomic Disorders and Imprinted Genes Using Microarrays

October 7

(co-hosted with CFAR)

Paul Spearman Emory University HIV assembly and host restriction of particle release:  a focus on Gag, Vpu, and tetherin
October 28 Leslie Vosshall Rockefeller University A glimpse into the Odor Universe of Humans and Insects
November 18 Elizabeth Petty University of Michigan There's something about SEPT9 in cell cycle regulation, cytokinesis, and cancer...
December 8     Remo Rohs    Columbia University The role of DNA shape in protein-DNA recognition
December 9 Jeannie Lee HHMI/Harvard Medical School/MGH X-Chromosome Inactivation:  Sex, RNA, Pairing, and Repeats
December 30 Harry van Steeg National Institute of Public Health and Environment(RIVM)/Laboratory for Health Protection Research, Netherlands Mouse Models for Cancer and Aging
January 20 Scott Selleck University of Minnesota Developmental patterning mediated by heparan sulfate proteoglycans:  expectations and many surprises
January 20 Zhengdong Zhang Yale University Human Genome Annotation
February 11 Donald Conrad Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, U.K. Origins and functional impact of variation in the human genome:  from de novo point mutations to common CNVs
February 17 Aaron Golden School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics, National University of Ireland Enriching and Identifying Genomic Signals Using Neurodynamic Models of Cognition
March 3 Peter Stambrook University of Cincinnati Allelic variants in a DNA damage response pathway:  risk of cancer in humans and mice
March 24 Charles Cantor Boston University Automated nucleic acid mass spectrometry in  basic and translational research
April 14 Lisa Dailey New York University Functional Approach for the Identification of Transcriptional Determinants of the ES Cell State and Early Lineage Commitment
May 5 Jeremy Nance Skirball Institute, New York University Cell polarity and morphogenesis during C. elegans gastrulation and organogenesis
June 9 Roger H. Reeves Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Ask not what you can do for Down Syndrome
June 30 Brian Black University of California at San Francisco Transcriptional Control of Cardiovascular Development

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