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Genetics Departmental Seminar Series 2008-2009

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August 28 Samuel Sidi Dana-Farber Institute A New Apoptotic Pathway in the Vertebrate DNA Damage Response
September 3 Julie Secombe Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Regulation of Myc-induced Cell Growth by the Histone Demethylase Lid
September 3 John Blangero
(sponsored with the Diabetes Center)
Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research Integrative Approaches to the Identification of Complex Disease Genes
September 10 William Belden Dartmouth Medical School Chromatin-Remodeling and Epigenetics Assist Circadian Clock-Regulated Gene Expression
September 11 Batbayar Khulan Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Department of Genetics (Thesis Defense) Cytosine methylation dynamics during normal cell differentiation
September 17 Alberto Polleri Stanford University Genetic Network Dysregulation and Human Disease: Results from Quantitative Systems Biology
September 19 David Heslin Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Department of Genetics (Thesis Defense) Activities of HERV-K components - capacity of the human genome to yield an infectious retrovirus
September 24 Chuxia Deng NIH BRCA1 and its downstream signaling in tumorigenesis
October 8 Arkady Celeste NCI-NIH Surveillance, Signaling and Repair Platforms Ensuring Genomic Stability
October 13 Igor B. Roninson Ordway Research Institute Transcriptional Consequences of Cellular Damage: Therapeutic Implications for Cancer and Aging
October 15 Christian Dahmann Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics Cenetic Control of Epithelial Morphogenesis
October 28 Hui-Qi Qu McGill University Health Center Genetic Analysis of Human Complex Diseases: The Example of Type 1 Diabetes
November 5 Joseph Culotti Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute Effects of reciprocally graded extracellular cues on axon guidance
November 12 Jacob Glass Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Department of Genetics (Thesis Defense) Species-specific CG dinucleotide clustering and periodicity: its genomic context, epigenomic influences, and relationship to human disease.
November 12 Koh-ichi Nagata Institute for Developmental Research (Japan) In vitro and in vivo analyses of cytoskeleton-related protein, Septin, during brain development
December 11 Brynn Levy Columbia University Genome-wide SNP Microarrays in Clinical Diagnostics and Translational Research
January 21 Agata Smogorzewska Harvard Medical School When Watson and Crick Get Linked: The Fanconi Anemia Pathway and DNA Crosslink Repair
January 28 Jay Hesselberth University of Washington Genomic DNA Footprinting: Identification of Transcription Factor Binding Sites Across the Genome
February 18 John Edwards Columbia University Genome Center Whole-Genome Methylation Profiles of Normal and Cancer Genomes
February 19 Matthew Harris Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology Genetic Analysis of Variation in Adult Form: The Zebrafish as a Model for Evolutionary Change and Human Disease
February 25 Ertugrul Ozbudak Stowers Institute for Medical Research Spatio-temporal Compartmentalization of Key Physiological Processes During Muscle Precursors Differentiation
March 4 Willis Li University of Rochester Medical Center From JAK/STAT Signaling to Heterochromatin Stability: Implications in Tumorigenesis, Aging, and Stem Cell Maintenance
March 4 David Mangelsdorf UT Southwestern Medical Center Nuclear receptors, FGF's and their regulation of nutrient metabolism
March 11 Hong Xu University of California, San Francisco Exploring the Second Genome Mitochrondrial DNA Genetics in Drosophila
March 18 Zheng Wang Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Department of Genetics (Thesis Defense) Quality control of a transcriptional regulator by SUMO-targeted degradation
March 25 In-Hyun Park Harvard Medical School Reprogramming and Modeling Human Disease
May 13 Jeffrey Esko University of California at San Diego Proteoglycans as Portals of Entry for Lipoproteins and Therapeutic Agents
June 24 Marcia Haigis Harvard Medical School New roles for mitochondrial sirtuins in metabolism
July 23 Reid Thompson Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Department of Genetics (Thesis Defense) Epigenomic Dysregulation Associated with Intrauterine Growth Restriction and Normal Aging

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