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Genetics Departmental Seminar Series 2007-2008

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August 28 Henk Stunnenberg Radboud UniversityNijmegen Medical Centre/Nijmegen Centre for Molecular Life Sciences(The Netherlands) Decipering regulatory networks by (epi)genetic profiling
September 6 Josephine Hoh EPH, Yale University Genome-Wide Association Studies on Age-Related Diseases
October 25 Weimin Zhong Yale University Asymetric Cell Division and Stem Cell Homeostatsis
November 8 Michael G. Rosenfeld Howard Hughes Medical Institute/University of California at San Diego Kiss: Barriers, Movements, and Repeats in Genome-wide Programs of Epigenetic Regulation of Gene Transcription
November 20 Benjamin Shykind Columbia University A Monoclonal Nose: Implications for Olfactory Neuron Diversity and Behavior
November 27 Nancy Spinner University of Pennsylvania Notch Pathway Mutations in Human Development Disease
November 29 Frank Slack Yale University Micro RNA's in aging and disease
December 5 Koyel Mitra Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Department of Genetics (Thesis Defense) An Insulator Strategy for Preventing Insertional Oncogenesis and Improving Gene Therapy Safety
December 12 Yasuhiko Kawakami The Salk Institute for Biological Studies Molecular and genetic studies of vertebrate limb development and regeneration
December 13 Alex Joyner Skirball Institute Cerebellum patterning: from lobules and molecular stripes to circuits
December 19 Evan Braunstein Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Department of Genetics (Thesis Defense) Investigation of the role of Tbx1, an essential T-box gene, in the mesoderm during embryogenesis
December 20 Yong Zhao Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease A Key MicroRNA Regulator in the Heart
January 10 Bin Zhou Vanderbilt University Medical Center Transcriptional Regulation of Endocardial Development and Congenital Heart Defects
January 17 Jasper Rine University of Berkeley Looking for Good News in the Human Genome
January 31 James Kramer Northwestern University Extracellular matrix functions in c. elegans development
February 5 Yaya Chu Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Department of Genetics (Thesis Defense) Regulation of histone modifications and cryptic transcription by the Bur1-Bur2 kinase
February 14 Tamim Shaikh University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Genomewide Analysis of Copy Number Variation and Discovery of New Genomic Disorders
February 20 Richa Saxena Massachusetts General Hospital Genome-wide association studies identify newgenes for type 2 diabetes and related metabolic traits
February 28 H. Joseph Yost University of Utah School of Medicine Biological Asymmetry and Cell Signaling Networks in Left-Right Development
March 13 Yuri Lazebnik Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Cell fusion as a link between viruses and cancer
March 25 Lisa Shaffer Signature Genomic Laboratories, LLC The Use of Array CGH in Genetic Diagnosis and Syndrome Discovery
April 11 Jeffrey Jeddeloh Nimblegen Comprehensive Epigenomic Analysis: Arrays and Next Generation Sequencing
April 24 Mike Levine University of California at Berkeley Gene networks controlling Drosophila gastrulation and Ciona cardiogenesis
May 8 Duojia Pan Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine The Hippo signaling pathway
May 22 Paul Brindle St. Jude's Children's Hospital What's up with histone acetylation and transcription in mammals?
May 28 Jerry Shay UT Southwestern Aging and cancer: are telomeres and telomerase the connection?
June 5 Scott Cameron UT Southwestern Hox genes, programmed cell death, and leukemia

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