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Genetics Departmental Seminar Series 2004-2005

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September 9 Joseph Sodroski Dana-Farber Cancer Institute TRIMSalpha: a mediator of innateintracellular resistance to retorviruses
September 10 Masha Sorin Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Department of Molecular Genetics (Thesis Defense) Role of INI1/hSNF5 in HIV-1 replication: association and requirement of a novel HDAC1 complex
October 18 Alan Shuldiner University of Maryland School of Medicine Candidate genes for diabetes and obesity: when should a candidate gene be elected to be a susceptibility gene?
October 21 Thomas Hope University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine Visualizing early events of HIV infection
December 9 Bruce Lamb Case Western Reserve University Modifiers of Alzheimer's Disease Phenotypes in the Mouse
January 6 Cori Bargmann Rockefeller University Oxygen sensation and navigation in C. elegans
January 20 Margaret E. Ross Cornell University Molecular mechanisms toward building a brain
February 3 Peter Sicinski Dana Farber Cancer Institute Cell cycle machinery in development and in cancer
March 3 Toshi Shioda MGH Cancer Center Applying DNA Microarray to Pharmaco- and Toxico-genomics: Promises and Pitfalls
March 23 Nadine Kolas Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Department of Molecular Genetics (Thesis Defense) Cytological and genetic analysis of sexual dimorphism during meotic prophase 1 in mammals
March 31 Rob Martienssen Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory RNA interference, transposable elements and the origin of heterochromatin
April 8 Christos Delidakis Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Crete The role of DSL proteins and associated ubiquitin ligases in Notch signaling
April 14 Veronica Van Heyningen Medical Research Council, Edinburgh Eye disease, devvelopment and evolution
April 28 David Bartel MIT MicroRNAs and their regulatory targets
May 12 Mitchell Smith University of Virginia Molecular genetics of histone function
June 24 Helena Richardson Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia Identification of novel regulators of cell proliferation and their role in tumor progression in Drosophila
July 7 Yingqi Teng Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Department of Molecular Genetics (Thesis Defense) The Regulation of the C. elegans Hox Gene egl-5 During Male Tail Development

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