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Genetics Departmental Seminar Series 2003-2004

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September 3 Danaise V. Carrion Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Department of Molecular Genetics (Thesis Defense) The Role of the Bub1 Gee in Chromosomal Instability and Cancer Progression
October 2 Thomas Tuschl Rockefeller University Gene regulation by small dsRNAs
October 16 Laura Johnston Columbia University Cell competition as a mechanism of growth control
November 13 Rolf Jessberger Mt. Sinai School of Medicine SMC proteins are required for meiosis
December 11 Eric Alani Cornell University Roles for mismatch repair proteins in genetic recombination
January 8 E. Bryan Crenshaw III The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Molecular genetic analyses of mammalian embryonic development
February 5 David Schwartz University of Wisconsin-Madison Single molecule approaches for the new biology
February 19 Josef Penninger Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna T cells, bones, and mammalian evolution
March 4 Eric Holland Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Using mice to dissect the biology of gliomas
March 9 L. Rene Garcia Texas A&M University Regulation of male behaviors in C. elegans during mating
April 1 Rolf Sternglanz SUNY Stony Brook Transcriptional silencing in yeast: role of the Sir2 deacetylase and the Sir3 BAH domain
April 15 Ralf Schnabel Technical University of Brauschweig, Germany 4D-microscopic analysis of the embryogenesis of C. elegans. Lineage, binary specification, regions and cell migrations
April 29 Linda Penn University of Toronto Regulation and functions of the myc oncoprotein
May 13 Jeff Simon University of Minnesota Transcriptional repression and chromatin modification by Polycomb group proteins
June 10 Alan Shuldiner University of Maryland School of Medicine Genetics of type 2 diabetes and other complete disorders in the Amish: plain, but not simple
June 15 Jennifer Blanck Albert Einstein Collge of Medicine, Department of Molecular Genetics (Thesis Defense) Functions and interactions of the carboxyl terminus of the Myc antagonist, Mxi1
June 17 Gail Martin University of California at San Francisco FGF function in vertebrate embryogenesis
August 5 Marsha Caton Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Department of Molecular Genetics (Thesis Defense) Characterization of Torp2a: A Novel AAA+ Chaperone protein

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