Department of Genetics

Genetics Departmental Seminar Series 1999-2000

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December 2 Vijaya Ramesh Massachusetts General Hospital
December 16 Aravinda Chakravarti Case Western
January 13 Joe Culotti Mt. Sinai Hospital Research Institute, Toronto
February 10 Bruce Gelb Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
February 24 Iswar Hariharan MGH/Harvard
March 9 Ulrike Heberlein University of California at San Francisco
March 23 Rick Young Massachusetts Institute of Technology
April 6 Craig Basson Cornell Medical Center
May 4 Virginia Papaioannou Columbia University

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News | PPG Member Judith Campisi Receives First Olav Thon Foundation Prize

Buck Institute faculty Judith Campisi receives first Olav Thon Foundation Prize. Norway’s largest charitable foundation bestows cash prize for work on cancer and aging. read more


News | Dr. Simon Johnson Receives an Award

Dr. Johnson is an American Federation for Aging Research Fellow in the department of Genetics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. read more


News | Ozbudak Lab published a new paper in Development

Dr. Ertugrul Ozbudak and his laboratory have published a new paper in the journal, Development. read more

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