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Serafin Fernandez Memorial Seminar Series

Serafin FernandezSpeakers in the Serafin Fernandez Memorial Seminars are invited and hosted by the graduate students of the Department of Genetics. The Series is generously supported by Serafin and Carmen Fernandez in honor of their son Serafin, who was a graduate student at Einstein from 1982 until his untimely death from AIDS in 1985. In recollection of Serafin’s abiding interest in the relevance of molecular genetics to diverse subjects, including evolution, and embryonic development, speakers are chosen from the frontiers of genetics and its applications to other areas of biology and medical research.


Past Speakers Include:

1986 Dr. Rochelle Esposito University of Chicago
1987 Dr. Judith Kimble University of Wisconsin-Madison
1988 Dr. Jeffrey Hall Brandeis University
1989 Dr. Jeremy Nathans Johns Hopkins University
1990 Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn University of California-Berkeley
1991 Dr. Lynn Margulis University of Massachusetts-Amherst
1992 Dr. Nancy Hopkins Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1993 Dr. Gary Struhl Columbia University
1998 Dr. Robert Roeder Rockefeller University
2002 Dr. Jeannie Lee Massachusetts General Hospital
2004 Dr. Gail Martin University of California-San Francisco
2005 Dr. Cori Bargmann Rockefeller University
2006 Dr. David Allis Rockefeller University
2008 Dr. Michael Levine University of California-Berkeley
2009 Dr. Leslie Vosshall Rockefeller University

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