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Our Division specializes in the study of the genome as a whole. This focus comes with the need to analyse data from genome-wide studies, leading to the computational and analytical focus of the faculty in this division. The Zhang group has a research program of studying human diseases using computational human genetics and functional genomics of model organisms with computational analysis and integration of high-throughput data sets, while the Zheng group studies the functional properties of the genome, mainly using computational and systems genomics approaches. The Greally lab is interested in clinical genetics problems and how they can be addressed using genomics approaches, studying genomic variation and cellular epigenetic models of disease. The nature of the work in the Division of Genomics is highly collaborative with researchers in the Department of Genetics, throughout the medical school, and beyond the institution’s walls to colleagues in New York City. The Division is based in the Michael F. Price Center for Genetic and Translational Medicine.


The Division currently consists of three full-time faculty:

John M. Greally. The Greally lab has several integrated areas of research including molecular assay development and computational biology research, with application of these approaches to questions in basic and clinical epigenomics. Ongoing projects include the development of assays to allow in vivo imaging of mammalian X chromosome inactivation and assays to measure DNA assays and RNA:DNA hybrid formation genome-wide. Computational projects include the effects of DNA methylation on mutation in tumour development, while applied studies include DNA methylation dynamics during differentiation, its role in gene body transcriptional suppression, and studies of the epigenome in infection and cancer. Visit the Greally lab for more information.

Deyou Zheng. Dr. Zheng's group develops and applies bioinformatics methods for mining and interpreting high-throughput genomic and epigenomic data. The research of his group is mainly focused on two areas: (i) genetic regulatory networks underlying neural and heart development and related congenital disorders; (ii) abnormal functions of chromatin modifiers in cancer development and treatment resistance; (iii) software development for quality control, interpretation, and visualization of big data from RNA-seq, single cell RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq etc. Visit the Zheng lab for more information.

Zhengdong Zhang. The research interests of Dr Zhang's lab are computational biology and bioinformatics, focusing on algorithm development, data integration, and software implementation. The biological systems currently under investigation are breast cancer metastasis and human aging. Visit the Zhang lab for more information.

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