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Departmental Seminar
Rebecca Nebel
Price 151: This is a thesis defense seminar.
Identification and functional interrogation of neurodevelopmental disease genes at multigene loci
Departmental Seminar
Andreas Bergmann
5th Floor Lecture Hall-Forchheimer Building: Hosted by Dr. Julie Secombe
Role of Apoptosis-Induced Proliferation For Regeneration and Cancer
Departmental Seminar
Young Jae Woo
Price Center-LeFrak Auditorium: This is a thesis defense.
15q11.2 disease locus: from behavior to molecular mechanisms
Departmental Seminar
Jian Sun
3rd Floor Lecture Hall-Forchheimer Building: This is a thesis defense seminar.
Molecular mechanisms of Pax6-dependent gene control in foregbrain and lens development
Departmental Seminar
Speaker 1: Zhongjun Zhou and Speaker 2: Paul Hasty
5th Floor Lecture Hall-Forchheimer Building: Co-hosted by Jan Vijg and Nir Barzilai
Speaker 1: Nuclear Lamin A In Epigenetic Regulation and Aging and Speaker 2: The Integration of DNA Damage Responses With Cell Growth During Aging
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