Sleep Health Literacy

Research Team

Albert Einstein College of Medicine is the lead institution for this project. As a research-intensive institution and partner with Montefiore, Einstein ranks among the top medical schools in securing research funding from the world's leading research center, including the NIH.  


Department of Family and Social Medicine (DFSM) | Research Division

The department has been among the top ten family medicine department nationally in total NIH grant-funding levels since 2003. The highly collaborative multidisciplinary faculty within the research division is a particular strength, striving to improve the health of underserved communities and populations. The DFSM is the academic home to Drs. Bonuck, Blank, and Schechter and to Akilah Collins-Anderson.     

Karen Bonuck, PhD 

Arthur Blank, PhD 

Clyde Schechter, MD, MA 

Akilah Collins-Anderson, MPH, CPH 


Sweet Dreamzzz, Inc. 

The nation's only nonprofit dedicated to bringing sleep education and bedtime essentials to at-risk children and their families; over 50,000 children and their families have receive services from the organization.  

Nancy Maxwell, Executive Director

Ann Raftery, MA, Director of Sleep Programs    


University of Michigan Medical School  

The Medical School is known as the University of Michigan's first professional school. The University's professional schools rank among the top 10, reflecting a research record of important publications and other contributions to the advancement of scholarship. Two of the University of Michigan's interdisciplinary research initiatives, are key to the project, the Sleep Disorders Center and the Center for Human Growth and Development.  

Ronald Chervin, MD, MS 

Barbara Felt, MD 


UCLA Anderson/Johnson & Johnson Health Care Institute (HCI)

HCI builds leadership and management capacity in organizations serving early childhood needs. Since 2001, HCI has trained over 120,000 families in 10 languages across the 50 states.   

Ariella Herman, PhD, MS 

Carol Teutsch, MD     



Christel Hyden, EdD 

Whitney Loring, PsyD 

Beth Malow, MD  

Amanda Schwartz, PhD 

Barbara Schwartz, PhD 

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