Sleep Health Literacy

About the Study

Our over-arching goal is to empower families of young children with the knowledge and skills needed to obtain healthy sleep, and to recognize signs of a sleep problem, via early care and education (ECE).     


At the core of this 'sleep health literacy' approach is the Sweet Dreamzzz Early Childhood Sleep Education Program(ECSEP TM), which educates teachers, children, and parents about healthy sleep with easy to understand materials.   


project model smallEncircling the ECSEP TM are a web of multi-level interventions, guided by the Social-Ecological model. Primary outcomes are Individual level: child sleep and family knowledge, attitudes, self-efficacy and beliefs. Encircling them are interventions: At the Interpersonal level is the ECSEP TM and family 1-to-1 contacts. An Organizational level media campaign will amplify ECSEP messages and agency training will engage staff. Community outreach will engage local providers. Policy interventions aim to embed ‘sleep health literacy’ throughout ECE.   




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