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Family & Social Medicine Welcomes Dr. Courtney Bancroft


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Courtney Bancroft Family and Social Medicine Albert Einstein College of Medicine Montefiore Health System Bronx NY
Courtney Bancroft, PsyD

The Montefiore Einstein Department of Family & Social Medicine proudly announces the arrival of Courtney Bancroft, PsyD, who has joined the behavioral science team as a full time psychosocial faculty member. In addition to teaching family medicine residents at the Family Health Center, Dr. Bancroft will conduct behavioral health consultations to support her precepting work.

A licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Bancroft comes from Yale School of Medicine, where she completed internship training at the Substance Abuse Treatment Unit and Connecticut Mental Health Center, and a specialized postdoctoral residency at the VA Connecticut Healthcare System in Clinical Health Psychology with a focus on integrated primary care and behavioral health services, specifically targeting substance use in primary care. She graduated from Pepperdine University’s PsyD program and completed undergraduate and master’s degrees from Loyola University in Maryland. Her extensive curriculum also includes certifications and training in efficacious treatments for substance use, dual diagnosis, motivational interviewing, insomnia, chronic pain, the intersection of chronic pain and opioids, smoking cessation, auricular acupuncture for detoxification and stress relief, and responding to patients’ disclosures of trauma. She has been trained in more traditional clinical skills that span the cognitive, mindfulness, and dynamic realms, and has expertise in the areas of cognitive, personality, and forensic assessment.

Dr. Bancroft strongly values the idea of client-centered, holistic treatment and the importance of research and education, with specific interests in healthcare provider self-care and insight, and teaching about substance use disorders and treatment.

Dr. Bancroft can be reached at

Published January 4, 2016. 

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