Department of Family and Social Medicine


The Bronx-Einstein Alliance for Tobacco-Free Health and Environmental Services (Bronx BREATHES), the Bronx Tobacco Cessation Center serving the Bronx County, NY, provides training and technical assistance to health care organizations and their clinical providers in tobacco dependence and treatment. We also provide community education to increase awareness of the New York State Smokers’ Quitline and other tobacco cessation resources.

Bronx BREATHES helps organizations with the development and improvement of tobacco-assessment policies and cessation intervention protocols. The actions we take will save lives, saves money, assist patients, and bolster employee health, safety, and productivity.

Our focus at Bronx BREATHES is to:  

  • to provide training, technical assistance, and follow-up to health care institutions regarding the design and implementation of systems to identify tobacco users at each patient encounter and provide brief cessation counseling; and
  • to identify and promote direct cessation services in the form of intensive behavioral counseling in group or individual settings, cessation advice through the New York State Smokers' Quitline, or provision of direct cessation services

For assistance in providing tobacco assessment and cessations services to your staff and patients, please contact Bronx BREATHES at or visit our website .

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