Department of Family and Social Medicine


The Department of Family and Social Medicine provides high-quality clinical care to across the full lifespan, from prenatal care to palliative care, in a variety of clinical settings.

Our outpatient primary care practices provide comprehensive, continuous, culturally-sensitive primary care to some of the Bronx's most vulnerable communities, as well as training for medical students, residents, and learners in other allied health professions. All of our sites provide are transitioning to the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of care, in which multidisciplinary teams deliver coordinated care that emphasizes quality, safety, and accessibility. Behavioral health services are available at all sites and are integrated with primary care. An integrated, full-scope electronic medical record system provides tools to improve quality and facilitates rapid communication within each practice and with colleagues in other sites. Special programs at these sites provide services for populations with particular needs, such as recent immigrants and patients recently discharged from prison.

Inpatient care for family medicine continuity patients is provided primarily on the Family Medicine Inpatient Unit, a dedicated 34-bed medical/surgical hospital floor. A 19-bed teaching service on this floor is staffed entirely by family medicine residents and attending physicians. Family medicine patients who require specialized services elsewhere in the hospital are followed closely by family medicine hospitalists who coordinate care with patients' primary care providers. In all instances, hospital care is treated as an acute episode requiring a thoughtful and safe transition back to care in the community, with an emphasis on the prevention of future hospitalizations. Maternity and newborn care is provided to family medicine patients by family physicians at Montefiore's North Division.

Montefiore's Palliative Care Service, a component of the Department of Family and Social Medicine, provides consultation services for adults with late-stage disease at all three of Montefiore's inpatient divisions. The palliative care inpatient service, located on the family medicine inpatient unit, provides comprehensive direct care for patients nearing the end of life. The Palliative Care team also provides consultation services in selected outpatient locations.

The Wound Healing Service, also a project of the Department of Family and Social Medicine, provides advanced care, including bedside debridement, for hospitalized patients whose chronic wounds increase their risk for future morbidity and mortality. The team also provides ongoing outpatient care for patients whose wounds require further care in the community.

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