Albert Einstein College of Medicine


Ellen Tattelman, MD, Project Director, Assistant Professor, is an experienced educator who directs the current DFSM Faculty Development program. She has 22 years of experience in family medicine and teaching in the urban, underserved environment. She completed faculty development training in an earlier grant cycle, subsequently was selected as an AAU fellow where she gained knowledge in educational scholarship, and presently serves on the department’s Educational Leadership Group. Dr. Tattelman has significant experience in medical student and resident teaching, curriculum development, evaluation, and reflective practice.

Zoon Naqvi, Co-Project Director, Assistant Professor, is the department’s Education Specialist. 

Molly FitzGerald, MPH, Education Administrator, serves as the education coordinator for the project. She assists with creating assessment tools, developing and evaluating curriculum and coordinating events, as well as maintaining the website, mentoring residents and fellows on their social medicine and scholarly projects, and promoting educational scholarship through presentations, posters and publications.  




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