Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Project Overview

 FSM 5-year Faculty Development Program 


Year 1 

Year 2 

Year 3 

Year 4 

Year 5 

Community Preceptor 5-year Longitudinal Program 

Recruitment and Program Development 

Master Educator Fellowship 

Master Educator Fellowship 

Needs Assessment, Curriculum Development, Content Delivery and Evaluation
by Core Faculty (Topics vary by year)


The overall structure of the program for community preceptors will be based on an academic detailing model, supplemented each year with workshops, grand rounds, and a half-day retreat. A comprehensive set of resources for preceptors will be available on a new faculty development website. In addition to best practices, content areas will focus on patient-centeredness and teamwork in the medical home. 

A separate, but complementary, component of the program is the two-year teaching-intensive fellowship (beginning in year 2) to train master educators. During their training, fellows will develop their own teaching skills through weekly seminars, online courses, observed teaching, curriculum development, and an educational scholarship project. In addition, they will work closely with core faculty to implement the Community Preceptor Program. 

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