Department of Family and Social Medicine

Steering Committee

The Steering Committeeprovides leadership for and serves as thevoice of the Friends and Alumni program to work with DFSM staff and others to develop activities and programming for the Alumni. It is headed by Jo Ivy Boufford, M.D., and David Kindig, M.D. and iscomprised of RPSM alumni and others who have a special relationship with the program.

We are constantly looking for RPSM Alumni who want to be involved with our activities. So please contact us if you are willing to help.

RPSM Graduates, Program, and Year Graduated

Kathryn Anastos, IM, 1983

Matthew Anderson, FM, 1993

Jo Ivey Boufford, Peds, 1974–Steering Committee Co-Chair

Neil Calman, FM, 1978

Shawn Cannon, IM, 1995

Nereida Correra, FM, 1988

Larry Culpepper, FM, 1976

Merle Cunningham, FM, 1975

Andrea Fox, IM, 1985

Donna Futterman, Peds, 1988

Lillian Gelberg, FM, 1984

Andy Goodman, Peds, 1982

Victoria Gorski, FM, 1984

Marti Grayson, IM, 1982

Paritosh Kaul, Peds, 1999

David Kindig, Peds, 1971 –Steering Committee Co-Chair

Robert Massad

Brian Selland, FM, 1990

Hal Strelnick, FM, 1978

Staff and Friends

Nicole Lewis

Paul Meissner, MSPH

Janet Townsend, MD

Victor Sidel, MD

Deyanira Suarez, BS


Peter Selwyn, FM '84

Bruce Soloway, FM '83

Contact Us

For additional information please contact Nicole Lewis at  
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